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Product Review  
New 14:03:09
Kyosho Edge 540 Minium
After something for indoor but you don’t want to buy Li-Po's and go buy a charger. Oh wait, if it could fly outdoors as well….  Plus maybe something aerobatic as well…
Enter the Kyosho Minium Edge 540.
Futaba FG 12 Tx 09:11:08
Futaba FG12 2.4mHz Transmitter
A great upgrade from the 6EXA or 7 Cap 2.4gHz. Probably the best and last transmitter you’ll ever need.
Find out more..
T-Rex 50019:04:08
Align T-Rex 500 Electric Helicopter
The new electric helicopter that's making quite an impact on the helicopter scene

WM 25A ESC 27:10:07
World Models 25A Brushles ESC & Program Card
Terry Sulivan puts the WM 25A Brushless Electric Speed Control and the Program card to the test.

Weston UK Obsession24:02:08
Weston UK Obsession Freestyle
If aerobatic or 3D flying is your obsession then this could be the model for you!
Arising Star03:04:07
Seagull Models Arising Star

Terry Sullivan builds this popular trainer, but with a difference! He's converted it to Electric power. Find out how he's done it.
GBD Models Sizzler06:09:07
GBD Model Aircraft - Sizzler
If you were looking for a model for maximum fun then take a look at GBD Model Aircraft's Sizzler. Including a GWS 40 electric ducted fan unit, the Sizzler comes in at a penny under £30 and at that price has to be excellent value in anybody’s book.

Kokam Cell Pro Products
Terry Sullivan tries out several items in the Cell Pro range. Namely a 3200mah 3s1p Kokam Cell Pro battery, a Cell Pro 4s charger balancer and a Cell Pro 4s Discharge Protection module.

Phoenix RC flight Sim
Andy Linney checks out the Phoenix RC flight sim and compares it to similar products already on the market. Is it good value for money? Find out here.

Pete Tindal's Evolution Smoke System

Most of us have, by now, seen those magnificent pictures of James Morris' huge Pitts biplane smoking away in the prop hanging position, so it was only a matter of time until this bug hit Paul Bellingham too.
Great Mate02:10:06
Great Mate Model Stand
Have you ever wondered why British modellers are content to kneel, (or even lie!), on cold wet grass when starting or working on a model? The other option is to buy a portable stand that you can take to the field.
World Models ToughLon
A new range of covering material distributed in the UK by Steve Webb Models. ToughLon is the very same covering material used on all World Models ARTF kits. So if you do need to repair you WM model then you will be able to find the correct match for your repair
Reflex XTR Model Flight Simm
On opening the box, you get a big shock…, as there are only three things included! A CD-Rom, an adaptor dongle, and the lead for your chosen Tx. But there's a lot more to this simm than first meets the eye!
Kit Reviews  
X-Models Mini Blade

The Mini Blade is one of a series of composite gliders and come in various spans. This one comes in at 1.5m. See if the 'Blade' cuts the mustard!
GWS Formosa Upgrade

After hours of fun and some heavy handed Spanish baggage loaders, Terry Sullivan decided it was time to upgrade his GWS Formosa! Find out how he did it.
Easyweld - Aluminium Welding Kits
Have you ever thought that an engine was a total write off, or required an expensive replacement part after a very innocuous bump? Knowing how difficult such a weld could be, the engine had to be consigned to the bin. Well, not anymore!
HiTec Optic 6 Transmitter
The new kid on the block. Technology forever moves forward… and one of the new breed of easy to programme, yet sophisticated sets has to be the Hitec Optic 6 Transmitter. Read our mini review.
World Models Bard

A semi scale 'T' tail ARTF glider from World Models. Get that scale feeling with this 80 inch model! But is it poetry in motion? Steve Broughton finds out!
Wattage Sukhoi 31 EP
Ted Griffiths gets the Park flying bug with a Russian aerobat. Read how he gets on with this 370 electric powered model from Wattage.

Aerofly Professional Deluxe
Chas Pickford checks out the Aerofly Professional Deluxe flight simm and discovers just how useful an R/C Flight Simm can be for someone learning to fly!

ARC Modelfly Beaver Experimental
Roly Alcock builds this latest model version of the famous De Havilland work horse; from ARC Modelfly.
Gibbs Guide to Lithium Batteries
Andrew Gibbs' User Friendly Guides have been on the market for a couple of years now. They are now known as Gibbs Guides. And the latest edition to the extensive range is Andrew's guide to Lithium Batteries.
ARC Modelfly Cessna 177 Cardinal
Benjamin Smith tries his hand with this plastic fuselaged aerobatic trainer. Having built two other ARC models, Ben finds out if it matches up!

Multiplex Micro Jet
The Multiplex Micro Jet has been around for a while, but here Steve Broughton has put the Micro Jet to a different use!

Gee Bee R1 Park Flyer
These these tubby little aircraft took the aviation world by storm in the early 1930's. Now you can experience all the thrills with this superb 31" span electric model from Texas based Fan-Tastic Models.
Black Horse Travel Air
The Travel Air has been available in the UK for a few years now. You can now pick up this low wing sports model for £50. But, what do you get for your money and is it £50. Will Costin finds out.
West Wings Orion
The Orion makes the ideal first slope / thermal model, as she is so stable in flight. This model will stay up in virtually nothing, but at the other end, she's happy to fly in anything up to 15mph!
Valenta Halloween
Halloween comes early this year, for Steve Broughton, as he reviews the latest offering from Go Gliding. The Halloween is a sports aerobatic slope glider. Find out if the Halloween is a screamer or a howler!
Micro Floh From Go Gliding
The Micro Floh is a totally awesome little "Pocket Rocket" machine, which makes a change from the usual Shooting Star's and Mini Ellipse's.
Quick Update ASW 24 & MicroFloh
Following the recent reviews of these two super little models, Steve Broughton brings the story right up to date with his latest observations on flying both the Mini ASW 24 and MicroFloh
F-86 Sabre for Indoor EDF
A great little 22" span, all foam model for indoor electric ducted fans. The Sabre is available on the Internet from the USA, and is bound to attract attention wherever it's flown!

Mig 15 Indoor/Park Flyer
The Fan-Tastic Models Mig 15 makes an ideal entry level aircraft for all budding EDF builders. Read our own 'Electro Flyer's' (Mark Stringer) review.

Freescale Partenavia
This all foam ARTF twin is a great introduction to flying electric models!
Video clip of Partenavia now available! (2.9Mb)

Nano Floh Revisited
Since writing his previous report on the NanoFloh, Steve Boughton's review model was crashed thanks to the annoying distraction of two very loud women shouting at each other. Steve now revists the NanoFloh with a second model.
Thunder Tiger Raptor 60 Helicopter
The first British review of the Raptor 60 byJeff Barrington. First published in March 2001
Nano Floh From GoGliding
The Nano Floh is the smallest model in Schmeirer Modellbau's range of "Floh" series gliders. At 31" span, this model has got to be put in the "micro" class!
Flair's Super Chipmunk
Jon Mead puts the ARTF 'Chippy' to the test.
FVK 'Mini' ASW 24
This German made semi scale glider/electric glider is a lovely looking, compact model that thermals really well. Find out more here!

C130 Hercules
As versitile as the real thing. Two models for the price of one! This 54" Herc can be flown as either a PSS or an electric powered model. (This kit is no longer avalable).

PSS flight testing has now taken place.
Video clip of the Hercules is available. (2.6Mb)

Aviation Designs Exocet
Designed around the JPX turbine the Aviation Designs Exocet makes an ideal sports aerobatic jet powered model. With a top speed of over 200 mph the Exocet rockets into the air on full power even from a grass strip and is rock solid on the ground. It will even handle a cross wind well!


Video Reviews


Video-Top Gun Germany 2001
Europe's best flyers meet at Nordheim in Germany. From WW1 fighters to experiment aircraft of the future, you can see them all at Top Gun Germany!

Gibbs Guide to Lithium Batteries
Andrew Gibbs' User Friendly Guides have been on the market for a couple of years now. They are now known as Gibbs Guides. And the latest edition to the extensive range is Andrew's guide to Lithium Batteries.

Video-Wring It Out Vol. 3
Wring It Out is the third in a trilogy of videos produced by Carl Goldberg Models, aimed as a step-by-step guide to improving your R/C aerobatic flying.

User Friendly Guide to NiCd & NiMh Batteries
Following on from his success with his User Friendly Guide to the Super Nova Charger, Andrew Gibbs has now released the second book in the series.
Video-La Ferte Alais 2001
I jumped at the chance to see just what all the fuss was about, at the famous huge model aircraft get together in France.
Guide To The Super Nova 250S Charger
Have you every had problems programming your Super Nova 250 battery charger? Well, now help is at hand in the form of a new publication 'A User Friendly Guide to the Super Nova' by Andrew Gibbs.
Web Site Review More Product Reviews
Power Scale Soaring Association
PSS goes on line with this new web site.
(April 2001).
Solarfilm Supershrink
Review of the latest iron on material from this well know manufacturer.