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Tx's 23:02:08
Five Transmitters - Face To Face
Five of our Forum members have put pen to paper to give us their personal views on the transmitters they are using. The pro and the cons of five well known 35mhz and 2.4gHz radio systems.

Spiros & Terry - RC Hotel23:06:07
RC Hotel 1st Prize Winners Report
Ist prize winner Terry reports in on his trip to Corfu courtesy of Spiros and the RC Hotel and finds that it's just the place to relax and do a spot of flying.Terry Sullivan reports from behind the counter

RC Hotel 1st Prize Winners Report
Ist prize winner Terry reports in on his trip to Corfu courtesy of Spiros and the RC Hotel and finds that it's just the place to relax and do a spot of flying.Terry Sullivan reports from behind the counter

Olives & Beer at the RC Hotel26:05:07
RC Hotel Prize Winners Report
Last year (2006) the Flying Sites Forum ran a competition kindly sponsored by the RC Hotel on the island of Corfu. Runner up, 'Plummet' and partner 'Flappit' have just sampled the hospitality of Spiros and the RC Hotel.

LiPo Low Down
Much confusion exists about Lithium batteries in model flying circles, and this article is an attempt to explain some of the do’s and don’ts and what some of the terminology means, to make it simpler for those new to flying, new to electric flying, or new to LiPo batteries. At the same time, it includes information that may be of benefit to the experienced LiPo user.

Restoring Old Aircraft
Each year, a large majority of seasoned modellers visit model 'swap meets',. Whilst there are some genuine bargains out there, around 60% of the second-hand market is full of tat… or is it?

Flight Box Safety
We all have them in one form or another and they all have one thing in common. They are all potentially dangerous. How safe is your flight box?

Post Card From...
A new feature. Send us details of an R/C flying clubs that you visit whilst on holiday. Paul Board has done just that, after visiting a club in Tenerife!

Let's Go Racing (On a Budget)
Identify your models please. What frequency are you on? Switch on and check your radios. Is everyone happy? You have one minute to start and set up your engines!
Have you ever fancied Pylon racing? Then Club 2000 could be your way into this adrenalin pumping form of model racing. Stuart Mc Farlane tells you how!

Activity Week
Once again the pupils of Barry Comprehensive School, in south Wales enjoy the chance to fly model aircraft

1/2 Scale Livesey DL5!
Ray Jones' second half report on building the 1/2 scale DL5 Livesey. This month Ray finishes and flys the model.
Part 2 can be found here

Web Bio
Dave Rummery
Dave, who flies with the Euroa Model Aero Club in Australia, tells us how he got involved in the hobby, and shares his experiences 'down under'.

The Flying Sites Editor
First in an occasional series. Mini profiles outlining how some of us got into model flying, and how it's led to where we are today. If you want to tell us a little about yourself and what you do, please drop us an email.
To get the ball rolling I've given you a brief outline of how I got into model flying!
Helicopters Aerial Photography
Helicopter Gyros Explained
Jeff Barrington explains the use and effects of gyros on model helicopters.
Upgrades & Add Ons
Advice on upgrading your helicopter

Richard Shelton's guide to aerial photography from R/C model aircraft.
Part 1- Getting Started can be read here.
Part 2- Low Alitude Photography can be read here.
Part 3- Controlling Vibration can be read here.
Part 4 - Unusual Designs can be read here.

Building The Graupner/Heim BO105  
Building The BO 105 Scale Helicopter
Jeff Barrington adds the scale details and the finishing touches to the Graupner/Heim BO 105 scale helicopter.
Part 1 can be found here
Part 2 can be found here
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(Part 1) (Part 2)
Ray Jones builds and flies the mammoth 16 feet span Boeing B52

Swiss Museum of Transport
If you're visiting Luzern in Switzerland this year then
The Verkehrshaus is well worth a trip.

A Grand Plan
Scratch building and designing a VTOL Hawker Harrier!
Activity Week SWRCS help a local school.
Fly In At The RC Hotel in Corfu

Dream Weekend In New York
A Day At The Races - Pylon Style

Fly Model Helicopters (Back Issues) Diary Of A Newcommer

Part 1 - The Hover
Part 2 - First Circuits
Part 3 - Autorotation
Part 4 - Set Up For Aerobatics
Part 5 - Aerobatics
Part 6 - Set Up Your Engine
Part 7 - Rotor Head & Vibration
Part 8 - Scale Helicopters


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