We've All Got To Start Somewhere! - Diary Of A Newcomer

Those Important First Few Steps!
By Rob Hanson

Dear Diary….
It all started innocently enough… while searching one of the Internet Auction sites, I noticed someone selling some Radio Control equipment. 'Hmmm, that takes me back' I thought… 'used to have boats and cars when I was a lad…always wanted an aeroplane though, wonder if there's any on here….' . well the rest , as they say, is history .

I only found a few more items on the Auction site, and mostly in America, but by then the bug had bitten. I managed to track down several Model Web Sites - including the excellent 'Newcomers' section here on Flying Sites - and through the links found my way to the BMFA site. Ooh, a 'Classified' section… there's bound to be something suitable for a beginner…. And that's how I came to own my first Radio Control model aeroplane, at the tender age of 35!

Kyosho 40 TrainerNever having owned an aeroplane before, I read up before going to see it, I had a general idea of glow engines from my days with the boats. An initial inspection of the plane revealed that it had indeed only had light use, and hadn't been crashed in a major way so a deal was struck, and I was now the proud owner of a Kyosho 40 Trainer, fitted with an SC46. The guy I bought it from had used it to learn to fly, and had progressed on to a low wing aerobatic model, so the Kyosho was surplus to requirements (cheers Paul!)

Next step, join a Club….after a chat with people at the local Model shops, I discovered 4 or 5 clubs within travelling distance - although a couple of them were out of action due to the 'Foot & Mouth' crisis. After a visit to my nearest club, I sadly received a somewhat 'lukewarm' reception and being a firm believer in feeling 'comfortable' anywhere new, I decided to check out the next closest. So on a dry but windy Saturday I visited Binbrook Aerodrome in Lincolnshire, home of the S.H.A.R.K.S. After meeting some of the members and the Chairman, I was introduced to their resident 'Ace Trainer' and aerobatic display Wizard, Wayne.

Kyosho 40 TrainerHe kindly offered to give my model the once over, and pronounced it a good buy. It turned out that he had one of the same aeroplanes with him, and soon had his Kyosho in the air and started explaining the basic theory of flying to me. 5 minutes later, Wayne handed me his Transmitter (brave man!) and I found myself 'on the sticks' flying for the first time! What a feeling! Wayne guided me though a few left hand and right hand circuits, until I ended up almost over the pits (oops! slapped wrists) so I reluctantly relinquished control back to him, but I was now determined, I would learn to fly my own aeroplane.

So, my adventures in the world of Aeromodelling have begun, the next step is to find a reasonably priced Radio Control to fit into the Kyosho, and then get her checked out and flying fit… now, wonder if there are any Radio Controls for sale in the BMFA Classified section……

This page has been contributed by Rob Hanson