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More 'Medevac' Tweaks Upgrading The Twister Bell 47 'Medevac'

MedevacNew More Upgrade Ideas for the Medevac'
More Medevac upgrade ideas from 'Rocket' Tweaks for the Flybar, motors, yaw trim, throttle stick and Rocket's views on lights and flying outdoors.

Medevac Maintenance & Upgrading
Everything you wanted to know about the Twister Bell 47 'Medevac'. From replacing rotor blades to giving it the full 'bling' treatment. It's all here with lots of highly detailed photos to guide you through.
Twister Bell 47 Trouble Shooting FAI Competition Codes

Tweeking The Twister
Have you had a problem with your Twister Bell 47 electric heli? Then read Steve Webb's guide to tweeking the Twister. You'll probalby find the answer to your problem!

FAI Competition Codes
The FAI (www.fai.org) who are the world organising body for all sports aviation including model flying have system of codes for sporting classes for competition aircraft.
Electric Flying Basics  

Get Started In Electric Flying - An Update
An update from Terry Sullivan of our original article bringing you bang up to date with modern technology.

Get Started In Electric Flying - Q & A's

'Leccyflyer' answers some of those electric 'imponderables'

Get Started In Electric Flying

Some basic ideas and concepts explained, to help you get started with electric flying!


Priming Your Engine Recognise The Signs!

Starting an engine can sometimes prove difficult. Quite often the motor needs to be 'wet' to be able to start properly. We offer some advice on the best ways to prime your engine.

You're Probably A Modeller If...
More amusing tell-tale signs that prove you're well on the way to becoming a true aeromodeller!
Reduce Noise Levels Super Nova 250s

Noise Reduction Chart
See how the Felbridge Flyers beat the noise problem, with this useful chart.

Functions Diagram For Super Nova 250s Charger
Get the best from this great charge/discharger with this useful schematic diagram of all of it's functions.

Choose A Propeller Identify Connector Wires

Choose The Right Propeller Chris Hinds gives his opion on the right prop for your engine, and to get your noise levels down.

Identify the Wires on Your Connectors
Have you often wondered which coloured wires are the Positive, Negative or Signal? Find out here.

Know Your Radio Channels Keep Your Flying Site
UK Aero Modelling Radio Frequencies
All British model aircraft radio frequencies and there associated channel numbers.

Keep Your Site With Quiet Flight!
I know what you are thinking "Oh no, not another article about noise - it does not affect me as our Club does not have a problem", well read on, you and your Club may be part of the problem.

Convert Engine Capacities Get Into Pylon Racing!
Engine Sizes
The most common engine sizes with their equivalent cubic capacities.
The Ultimate Adrenaline Rush - Pylon Racing!
If you are interested in aeromodelling then you should think about trying Model Pylon Racing, Competition, excitement and just a good day out.