Get Into Pylon Racing

The Ultimate Adrenaline Rush - Pylon Racing!
By Graham Clarke - Modelcraft

Club 20 Pylon RacersIf you are interested in aeromodelling then you should think about trying Model Pylon Racing, Competition, excitement and just a good day out among other modelers with a keen interest in just one thing, Racing - Racing - Racing.

Pylon racing is a competition consisting of radio controlled model aircraft flying around a triangular course for ten laps. A number of timed heats are flown, usually four aircraft at a time. The flyers with the lowest aggregate heat times go forward into semi finals and finals. If any pilot cuts inside a pylon one tenth of his heat time is added to that time, two cuts in one heat and that time is disallowed. The aim is to fly as fast as possible without cutting inside any pylons. Club 2000 Pylon RacerEach pilot has beside him a caller who's job it is to tell the pilot when the flag man on the furthest pylon has dropped his flag, indicating that the aircraft has reached the required distance up to the number one pylon. Flag men on each pylon will also indicate if any flyer has cut inside. Pylon events are generally well organised and a good time is had by all competitors.

Beginners are always welcome and can either fly in the main competition or in an open class which usually is made up of general sports type models. However to compete on level terms in the main class you would need a specialist pylon model. Competitions are held all over the country and it may be possible to "team up" with another flyer in your local area to travel to competitions.FAI F3D Pylon Racer

The most popular classes of racing in the U.K. are Club 2000 -Sport 40 - Quiet Quickie - Club 20 and F3D The first four are all reasonably inexpensive and models generally are no more expensive that any other type of sports model aircraft. All classes are keen to encourage new members and will be please to assist in any way they can with potential new flyers into their respective classes. The rules have been devised over many years to ensure that all competitors fly models of similar performance to each other, thereby allowing very close and exiting racing.

The latest class, Quiet Quickie, has recently been introduced and allows you to build a model suitable for racing, which is also perfectly at home on any club field. Once sampled most become dedicated to their new found competitive spirit. Some modelers may be put off by the concept of competition in their hobby but as most pylon racers will tell you it only adds to the enjoyment they get from aeromodelling. Why not come along to a meeting and see for yourself.

Quickie 500 Pylon RacerIf you are interested in having a go at Pylon Racing please contact the relevant Association directly OR e-mail me Graham at and I will pass on your inquiry directly to the appropriate club secretary. Both Associations can provide starter packs, which contain information regarding the latest rules, types and sources of models etc.

Now is the time to start building for the forthcoming season get in touch today.You can contact Graham at the above e-mail address or see Graham at his model shop in Coventry. 'Modelcraft' specialise in pylon racing models and accessories. See also 'A Day At The Races - Pylon Style'.

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