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Tx Set Up Spreadsheets

03:05:09 Futaba FF9 Now Added!

Bob Sims has produced a set of MS Excel spreadsheets to help you record all the model set-ups for your Spectrum DX7 and DX6i transmitters, and offered them to Flying Sites for your use.
Click here to download

Super Nova 250s Schematic Diagram

The Super Nova 250s is probably one of the best charger/dischargers, for its price, on the market. However, the operating instructions do leave a lot to be desired!

This schematic diagram guides you around the functions of the Super Nova, and hopefully will help you understand many of the great feaures on this charger.

If you think it could be improved or more information added then please e-mail us with your ideas and comments.

This download is currently available as an Adobe Acrobat File (.pdf). See version 1 of the diagram on our 'How To...' page before downloading!

Version 2 Now Available. Updated with colour coding and Manual Setting Table to record your pre-sets. Diagram is now more accurate, making the diagram even easier to use. Our thanks to Chris Hall for his suggestions.

Click here to download Version 2 in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format (15k)

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader Here.

Super Nova 250s

Super Nova 250s Diagram

Wing Area & Loading Calculator

A great ONLINE calculator! Just type in your wingspan, root chord and tip chord, the calculator will convert it from inches to millimetre or visa versa!

With these figures the calculator will give you your average chord. Then, just type in the weight (in ounces or grams) and click CALCULATE!

Not only will it calculate your wing area, but it it will also give you the wing loading too!

No more messing about with Nomograms, rulers and drawing, this one will do the lot at the click of a button!

Click here or on the picture (left) to take you to the calculator.

Model Flight Database for Palm Freaks

A Model Flight logging application for use on either the Palm or Visor handhelds with connectivity to use on your PC. The application makes use of HanDBase available from as either a demo or fully registered version at a very reasonable price.

The application (FLog) is freeware and can be downloaded directly from Dave Jones' web site (see links below). Using FLog you can store all information relative to your modelling hobby in one place. It can record details of all your engines, airframes,modelling contacts and flight details. (Requires WinZip to decompress the file)

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PC Screenshot of Flight Log
Coefficient of Lift Calculator

With this tool you can, for example, estimate the lift coefficient of your model at cruise conditions or during the landing approach. With this information, you can easily get a feel for the wing performance required by your aircraft. Both imperial and metric measurements can be entered.

A neat little 'Freeware' programme from Gyles Aero Designs.

Click here to download CLcalcSetup.exe (1.1mb)

Coefficient of Lift Calculator
Turn Radius Calculator

This Freeware program will calculate the turn radius and g-loading for your model given the bank angle of the aircraft and some basic aircraft data. You can also calculate the required bank angle for a given turn radius. With this tool you can, for example, estimate the lift coefficient of your model during a 2g turn. If you have an estimate of the maximum CL of your model's wing, you can easily get a feel for the risk of wing stall during the manoeuvre.

Another neat little 'Freeware' programme from Gyles Aero Designs.

Click here to download TurnRadiusSetup.exe (1.1mb)

Turn Radius Calculator

Convert almost anything to anything with this useful programme. Although it won't convert your 2 stroke into a 4 stroke! (Requires WinZip to decompress the file) Decompress into a folder then double click the programme icon and get converting!

Click here to download '' (153k)

Airplane Design Calculator

A great utility to calculate and design your own model aircraft. All the calculations are done for you. You just input the dimensions and the Calculator does the rest including a calculation to find the centre of gravity on your model! (Requires WinZip to decompress the file) This download requires Microsoft Excel. Try it and let us know what you think!

Click here to download '' (39k)

Twist Calculations For Flying Wings

Calculate Wing Loading, Lift Coefficient, Wing Area, Mean Chord, Aspect Ratio, Taper Ratio, Aerodynamic Centre, Alpha geo, and C of G for any flying wing. The formula presented in this Microsoft Excel file is important in that it provides, early in the design process, a well tested method of determining the geometric wing twist required for stable flight.

(Requires WinZip to decompress the file)

Click here to download '' (12k)

Will's Favourites

Over 600 of Will Costin's favourites web sites! A full set of all the very best R/C aviation web sites from around the world (with a UK slant).

Download the zip file which contains links for Internet Explorer Favourites, Netscape Bookmarks as well as files for the Opera browser. To see just what's contained in the file look at our Links page where you can see the complete listing.

Download Will's Favourites by clicking here.

Update your desktop with these great photos from the Flying Sites Archive.
All photos are of model aircraft!

Sailing into the Sunset

1280x1024 (123k)
1024x768 (75k)

800x600 (47k)
640x480 (31k)



Cloud Dancer
(Slingsby Swallow)

1280x1024 (186k)
1024x768 (112k)
800x600 (69k)
640x480 (46k)


Jet Ranger

1280x1024 (142k)
1024x768 (87k)
800x600 (55k)
640x480 (35k)

To select your favourite image above as wallpaper follow these simple instructions.
Windows Users: Click on the size that matches your screen resolution, then right-click on the downloaded image. Select 'Set As Wallpaper' from the menu.
AppleMac Users: Click on the size that matches your screen resolution, then save the image to your hard drive. Use the 'Appearance' control panel to choose the image as your new desktop pattern.