New To R/C - What's It All About? - Find Out Here

'Take Off' R/C Model Aircraft & PilotWelcome to the great hobby (some would quite rightly say 'sport') of building and flying radio controlled model aircraft. This certainly must be one of the most exciting and enjoyable hobbies in existence, covering many different areas and skills.

What other hobby can involve you in aerodynamics, electronic and mechanical engineering, drawing and artistic skills, woodworking, using a variety of materials, fresh air and the outdoors, and active participation with like minded people, nearly all at the same time!

To help the Newcomer to get started we have produced several article to ease you safely and successfully into the hobby of Radio Controlled Model Aircraft.

Getting Started? Diary Of A Newcomer

Before You Fly Read This!
Pre First Flight Check list. Before you fly especially for the first time read our check list to avoid frustration and a grounded model!

Advice For Newcomers
Terry Sullivan offers lots of advice on all those questions a beginner really wants to know. If you're new to R/C aviation read Terry's article before you do anything else!

A Novices' Primer
Newcomers to the hobby frequently ask for advice on what to buy if they want to learn to fly a model aircraft. The advice given below is...

Diary Of A Newcomer - February 2002
Rob Hanson try to make up his mind which way to progress!
Diary Of A Newcomer - November 2001
Diary Of A Newcomer - August 2001
Diary Of A Newcomer - July 2001
Diary Of A Newcomer - June 2001

Getting To Know...  
R/C Model Aircraft
If you have not already seen an R/C aircraft in action, go down to your local club field where you can meet some of the members and see some flying...
R/C Radio Systems
Your radio control system is your only link between you and your aircraft. Radios may seem complicated when you first look into the box...

R/C Engines
R/C model aircraft can be powered by several different types of 'engines' including electric motors, petrol engines and most commonly by 2 stroke...

R/C Model Gliders
R/C model glider or sailplane are an excellent way to get into the R/C aircraft hobby and have the advantage that it is less expensive less complicated than...

R/C Model Helicopters
The helicopter is probably the most challenging form of radio control model, being mechanically complicated, and requiring...
FAQ - Helicopters
Some of the most frequently asked questions on R/C helicopters..... answered!

Primary Controls 1
The following descriptions give an explanation of the effect of each control in isolation, for a theoretical aircraft...
Primary Controls 2
This section describes the way in which the transmitter sticks operate the flight controls..

Control Modes On Your Transmitter
Each stick is gimballed so that it can be moved in both axes. The up and down movement controls either elevator or throttle...
Electric Flight
Some basic concepts explained for those wishing to start electric flying.

Aircraft Terminology
Some useful aircraft terms that will soon become familiar

R/C Engine Terminology
Some useful engine terms that will soon become familiar.

Radio Terminology
Some useful radio terms that will soon become familiar.
Glider Terminology
Some useful glider terms that will soon become familiar.

Getting To Know About Aircraft Accessories
Extra bits and pieces you will require to finish your model.
Getting To Know About Radio Accessories
Extra bits and pieces for you radio system

Tools & Glues
What you will need to build your first model.

R/C Engines - Operating & Safety
Keep Safe with some useful safety tips.