We've All Got To Start Somewhere! - Diary Of A Newcomer

Which Way To Go? Rob, The Choice Is Yours!
By Rob Hanson

Dear Diary…
Well, after the excesses of the Christmas break, it's time to tighten the belt and pay for it all. Although there might not be much in the kitty to put towards a second plane, it doesn't stop me dreaming…

I'm also in the middle of starting my own business designing web sites, so what little money actually escaped Christmas has been hoovered up by that venture. At least there is enough for a copy of Electric Flight International to take my investigations further. In the last column, I was looking for a 'project' to tide me over during the winter, and I had come to the conclusion that an electric powered model could be a viable option. As usual, I bargained without the capacity of Christmas to drain the piggy bank comprehensively - despite a strict budget! (Where does it all go?)

Although the helicopters looked tempting, I strengthened my resolve, and continued the hunt for a suitable 'first timer' to give me a taste of electric flight, hopefully at a price that will not have my bank manager having a fit (or should that read 'another fit'?)

The choice is bewildering, even just limiting myself to Electric propulsion, so it looks as though I'm going to have to do some more research before parting with my hard earned cash… (If anyone out there has some suggestions, they will be gladly received).

So far, I have come up with several options…

Electric Scamp - Galaxy Models
Electric Scamp - Galaxy Models
I understand it's an all balsa one,
so could be a challenge there.
Pico Cub - Multiplex
Multiplex Pico Cub
Moulded foam - a quicker build,
but does kind of defeat the object for a project.
Piper Cub - Protech
Protech Piper Cub
Slow fly - could be expensive,
as it needs micro Rx and servos.
Toucan - West Wings
West Wings Toucan
Another balsa kit,
but when I'm feeling confident.
And finally…
Razor Flying Wing - RC Line
RC Line Razor Flying Wing

This has a lot going for it,
not least very little to break!

And of course, there will be batteries a charger and possibly a motor to buy depending on the kit. So, it looks like I have quite a task on my hands choosing which model to go for, but at least I'll have a little more time to save up.

Knowing my luck, it could take me until spring to make a decision, and all of the season to build the thing! Ah well, should be ready for the 2003 season anyway, hope to see you here next time if I haven't stuck myself to the building board!

Happy Building! (& flying, if you can!)


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