Why Didn't I Think Of That?

Top Tips, some you may know some you won't, but they all come in useful, especially if you're new to the hobby!

If you have any great tips that you want to share with other modellers, then send them to us at editor@flyingsites.co.uk or to the address listed on our 'Contacts' page.

Top Tips Part 1

Curving Balsa
Wing-Tail Alignment
New Pilot Tip
Installing Triangular Stock
Rib Maker

Sandbag Weights
Air Bleed Screw
Measuring Balsa Density
Cleaning Superglue
Transmitter Neck Strap
Top Tips Part 2
Measuring Washout
Four Tips About Epoxy
Servo Blank
Vertical Fin Alignment
Keeping Knives Safe
Sharp Props
Extra Long Screws
Engine Mount/Nosegear
Setscrew Gripping
Parts From Plastic Bottles
Top Tips Part 3
3 Blade Props
Firewall Fuel Proofing
Ultracote Printing
Cutting Dowels Straight
Pick Up Glass Safely
Antenna Holder
Repairing Dings & Dents
Film Covering Degreaser
Pulling Oil Out Of Wood
Balancing Aeroplanes
Top Tips Part 4
Removing Broken Wing Bolts
Useful Tools - Surgical Forceps!
Vertical Fin Alignment
How To Fix Canopies
What's EPP?
Scale Panel Lines
A Use for Profilm Backing Paper
Don't Throw Away Broken Props
Protecting Your Plans

Quiet Engine Mount On The Cheap
'Pringles' Tube
Wing Joining Advice
Vinyl Stickers
Drying Out
Super Fast Drying Epoxy
Avoiding Screwdriver Damage
Removing Broken Wing Bolts
Fuel Tank Leak Test

Top Tips Part 5

Strenghthening Horn Attachment Points
Symmetrical Fuselage Halves