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Getting To Know About Radio Accessories
There are a number of items or accessories that you may require after your initial purchase. We have listed some of the more common items available.

Servo Extension
The Servo extension is a cable with connectors on either end which goes between the receiver and a servo. This allows the servo to be placed at a greater distance from the receiver than the cable that comes on the servo will allow. It also allows easier removal of a wing when the servo that controls the aileron is mounted in the wing and the receiver is in the fuselage (which is usually the case). Servo Extensions of various lengths are available from different manufacturers. Long aileron extensions can sometimes cause radio interference problems unless "noise traps" are used.

Dual Aileron Extension or Y-Lead
The Y-Lead is a cable which plugs into a single channel in a receiver and two servos. This allows both servos to be operated from the same channel.

Noise Traps
A Noise Trap is a small electronic device which is wired into a long servo extension to reduce radio interference and to boost the control signal going to the servo. These are recommended for use where long servo leads are necessary.

Switch Harness
The switch harness is mounted in your model and it connected between your receiver and the NiCad battery pack. It provides a power ON/OFF switch to the radio in your model and it also allows your charger to be connected to your model's battery pack for charging.

Frequency Flag
The frequency flag is a marker that is mounted on your transmitter to indicate what frequency your system is operating on to alert other modelers so as not to cause interference.

Servo Trays
A Servo Tray is a plastic tray which allows easy mounting of your servos in your model. The tray is moulded to hold your servos securely and ensure positive control to your control surfaces. Different trays may hold anywhere from one to four servos and are shaped for different uses and servo positions in your model.

Servo Output Arms
Servo Output Arms are the plastic output horns which are mounted to the output shaft on your servos. These come in various sizes for different control uses. Most servos will come with an assortment of arms so you can choose the arm to meet your own specific control needs.