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If you're on holiday this summer, and find a model flying club, then why not send us a 'postcard' of your visit and tell us all what you thought of your trip!

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Paul Board was recently on holiday in Tenerife and found the island's top club!

Here's Paul's report...

Tenerife, Canary Islands
Name of Club:
Club de Aeromodelismo Tenerife
Location of Club:
About one mile outside the village of Llano del Moro, which is three miles west of the capital Santa Cruz
Web Site:

Flying Site:
The site is in a hilly area about 1,500 feet above sea level. In Tenerife anything that is not on the coast is a hilly or mountainous area! The site itself is fairly flat and level, although small by British standards. On one side the ground drops away towards the village and on the other side there is a low hill and some large mounds of gravel from some sort of quarrying operation. Not much room for error! A reasonable standard of competence is required if you intend to land back on the site every time! But I do believe that a 'challenging' site does lead to a higher standard of flying by the people who use it.

The club has a main runway, a smaller cross-runway and various taxiways from the pits area. All of these are tarmac and appear to be purpose built. The main runway is around 100 metres long. The pits area is again tarmac and has a row of concrete tables on which to work on the models and to provide shelter from the sun, for the models when you put them underneath. For the pilots and spectators there is a row of concrete benches each with its own roof to provide some shade.

At one end of the pits area is a purpose built clubhouse and a barbeque. The building is used mainly for the storage of tables and chairs, which I imagine, are brought out onto the tarmac 'patio' area in front of the clubhouse, when the club are entertaining. The barbeque was being lit as I left so I'm not able to comment on the cuisine!

There was quite a varied selection of models being flown. One pattern model, three scale models, one electric glider, one trainer, one small electric helicopter and around five or six electric 'Shock Flyer' type models. There was plenty of activity with more than one model in the air during my visit.

This club has a very nice facility here, which was been well used on the Sunday lunchtime I was there. Unfortunately I don't speak much Spanish and could find anyone who spoke much English, so on this occasion I'm not able to provide you with quite as much detail as I would have like.

Wish you were here!
Paul Board.

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