Going Electric - With Electro Flyer!

Still On The Bond Theme With 'Little Nellie'
By Mark Stringer

More and more time goes by and it always seems I am too busy to get my articles together. I am really sorry for the delay but the days seem to just rush by.

Personally I have been really busy at work - my "Other" job - and trying to get the house finished off. We moved in 5 years ago but still the jobs seem to be waiting to be finished.

Pico Stick & CameraOh well, here's my latest offering in the model world. Where shall I start?

I have only really had chance to do garden flying this last couple of months. The Pico Stick and Triangle have been out more than anything.

As far as the Stick goes I have had one new addition, that of a colour video camera. Running off a second tiny 7 cell pack fitted under the original pack in the Stick I have fitted a wireless colour video camera (1.2 GHz) that is no bigger than an OXO cube. See the photo for an idea of just how small it is.

The battery pack gives enough power for a full video feed on the flight, and of course charges up for the next flight in a few minutes. With the receiver in the lounge, plugged into the video recorder I have been able to video my house, garden and the surrounding area in high quality colour with great success.

I have a contact in the Far East for these so if you fancy a go let me know, they have a 1000 ft range (they claim - and I have had no problems so far). The package includes the camera, receiver and even the video lead to plug the receiver into your video player. Also included are 2 adapters that connect the camera and receiver to PP9 batteries for true out and about action. I am actually using a 9V transformer for the receiver and a standard mini 8.4V Ni-Cad battery pack for the camera so that I can fast charge it. The standard pack I can supply at £75, if you want sound as well these come to £90 so let me know if you want to play. If a Pico Stick can Trianglecarry one, just about anything can!

Next comes the Triangle, see my web site for more details - just one V Tail one left and that will be it as they are no longer in production. I have been flying this in the garden as well - loads of fun being able to loop and roll this ultra-lightweight electric job using a set of radio and the motor from a Pico Stick. I did mine as a 2 channel (aileron and elevator) but you can use mixing to have a rudder as well, but why add the extra weight?!

It is just lots of fun.

See the photo for an idea. The originals come in ultra-light clear film but mine was damaged in transit so I repaired it and covered it in see-through green solar film.

AutogyroFinally this month comes "Little Nellie". As I mentioned in my last article I planned to build an Autogyro. I contacted Ken Wallis (Alias 007 - he flew Little Nellie in the Bond film "You Only Live Twice" - as well as designing and building her) and he has been really helpful. I would never have got as far as I have without his help. He advised my on rotor airfoil section, pitch and C of G etc. I have got her to the point where she is ready to try out and see if she will take to the sky. She is "Nakd" at the moment - I will give her a full body job if she flies successfully.

She has two engine options, a 385 motor with 7 sub C cells to save weight, but I don't know whether this will have the power needed so she also has the option of a Kyosho 17 turn with 7 C cells, but this may make her too heavy - we will see!

Either way, I have static tested the rotors. They are totally free moving and need to auto rotate with just the air moving over them. Thanks to Ken Wallis I have cracked this and they do just that with amazing efficiency. In a reasonable breeze they spin very fast needing a couple of rocks to keep her on the ground.

I have designed the rotor head control salvaging bits from and old helicopter models (a Bell 47G plastic helicopter that must have been one of the very first radio controlled helicopter kits). I use radio mixing with 2 servos for fore/aft and left/right. The rest of her has been done as faithfully to scale as possible having got hold of a both a Corgi Little Nellie and an Airfix kit.

A few photos are here to give you an idea and I hope to try her out as soon as I can.

In order to get the rotors spinning as fast as should be required for lift off I need to put her on a tarmac strip for maximum ground speed so when I find the right place to try her I will let you know how I get on. While in the vicinity of a Tarmac strip I will get the BD5D flying as well - I tried her off grass but with the small wheels she just didn't quite get up to speed, although I have replaced the engine with a Speed 600 BB for that little but extra. I may use 8 cells rather than 7 depending on how she goes off tarmac. I will report on that as well as soon as I can.

I will pretty much have the full James Bond collection of flying machines then.

OK, that's it for this edition, more to come next time, not sure exactly when that will be as I am off on holiday to get married in a just over a weeks time.

Hopefully I will return in a few weeks with results on Little Nellie and the BD5D, plus a new Kit to review for Flying Sites - a slow fly Mig 15 ducted fan electric job - can't wait! - so stay tuned and enjoy your electric flying!

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