Going Electric - With Electro Flyer!

Just The Weather for Silent Flight!
By Mark Stringer

Well !!! What can I say - good weather at last! This has been one of the best modelling months that I have had in a long time! Not only have I had some superb kits arrive this month but flying has been great.

OK - firstly the big news that I know a lot have people have been waiting for - Does the Spitfire FLY?

OH YES!! It certainly does! The change from a speed 400 and gearbox to a direct drive Speed 480, Graupner Cam Prop 8 x 4.5 but keeping the 8 cell 700 mAh pack has made an absolute world of difference.

Last weekend, being so super weather wise, I finally got to the field and, not expecting too much after the previous experiences with the Spit I charged her up, checked her out and gave a throw. Off she went, only fractionally out of trim, plenty of power, great rate of climb and every bit a Spitfire.

In no time at all I had an admiring audience - even one running for his video camera to catch the moment. A few flights later I had to get off home, but just couldn't wait to get back to the field for some more. She handles, flies and looks every inch a Spitfire. Rolls, loops and fast, low passes and all in full smooth control - beautiful.

Flight times are about 4 minutes, but it feels much longer than that and sheer pleasure.

Next - my T-Strike arrived. Lovely! Nice Glass Fibre lightweight fuselage, frighteningly thin section carbon fibre reinforced balsa covered foam wings. The almost ready to fly kit just needs the radio and motor fitting, wing mounting blocks fitting, aileron tubes and linkages and then cover the wings and tail.
This photo sums up what needs doing. A sub micro servos in the wings, a micro servo in the fuz, receiver velcro'd in place and some wing block epoxied and tapped for the wing bolts - not too much really!

I had her finished in a few evenings with the final finishing and trim this weekend. Everything about her says SPEED! She is all very light and I used a micro and a sub micro servo, lightweight receiver, an Xtra 12 speed controller, standard speed 400 6V motor and a 7 cell sub-C 600mah power pack driving a Graupner 6 x 3 Cam Prop.

I have to say that when I got to the field on a beautiful Sunday afternoon I was just a little nervous. All the variety of models that I have flown and here I am with this little Speed 400 pylon racer and feeling nervous! - I just didn't know what it was going to do. Would it be too twitchy, struggle with no lift or just be too fast and uncontrollable?

Answer - none of the above!

A good firm throw and away she went - perfectly straight and true. A couple of circuits and I felt completely at home with her. I can only compare her to my Extra 300 - totally on rails, very precise and goes exactly where you point her without deviation. If you have flown trainers then don't expect this one to zoom out of a dive on her own, she won't! You fly her all the way but WOW she does fly - absolutely beautifully. Yes she is very fast - with a brushless/cobalt motor she would be a sure fire winner for any pylon race and if you enjoy fast flying on rails then this is the model for you. On the set-up that I used I got 4 minutes out of her. This was plenty and about what I expected as I kept her flat out all of the way.

In summary she is a nicely made ARTF (or is it almost ready to cover - the wings and tail anyway) model that goes together easily and quickly to make a great looking and supreme flying model. The only modification I made was to replace the wing mounting screws with steel ones (not so good in a crash but I just don't like how plastic bolts wear their thread out when taking wings on and off).

As if my month hasn't been good enough so far - there is more to come!

My Discus 1:6 scale glider arrived. When I opened the package I was absolutely gob smacked. It is not often these days that ARTF kits are really high quality. The T-Strike is super, but the Discus is totally outstanding!

I will review her more next month (hope that's OK ED - not electric but she is silent) after I have put her together but to give an idea she has the most perfectly produced Glass Fibre body and composite wings you have ever seen! Pre-hinged cockpit with full cockpit detail. All that needs doing is to add radio and pushrods. This I aim to do this month and will review her next month.

If you like high quality ARTF models - and Czechoslovakia seems to be able to produce the best of these - then take a look at my web site. I have sourced the very last of a manufacturers stock at great prices. Everything from a Garden Flying electric to a 10 foot wingspan ARTF Cessna for 45cc engines - incredible range but very, very limited - take a look and get in quick for a one off bargain. Such a shame that I found these after they had ceased production - I would have loved to have dealt with them long-term and done lots of reviews of their models.

Finally this month I just wanted to let you know that the ARTF J3 Cub will be available again based on deliveries being as and when I can get them over here. I have had so much demand for these that I have no choice but to give them another go.

Here's hoping for more great weather - I just can't wait to get back down the field with the Spitfire, T-Strike and Discus in the car. What more could a modeller ask for?

Have fun and enjoy your modelling, especially the electric stuff - more to come next month, and remember, if you have any questions or want anything reviewing then just get in touch.

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