Going Electric - With Electro Flyer!

Nice To Be Whisked Away!
By Mark Stringer

First off this month can I apologise for the absence of Electro Flyer last month. A combination of things just didn't give me time to get an article together. I was in America for nearly 2 weeks and upon my return was whisked away to Nice as a surprise for my birthday.

As America was a working holiday I did not get chance to check out any model shops and Nice was just a fantastic place to relax so the same was true there, but for different reasons. I did get to do a few laps of the Monaco circuit though, as it was all laid out ready for the Grand Prix - FANTASTIC!!! - If you fancy going to France and are not sure where to go then Nice/Monaco is just superb.

OK, so what has been going on during the very little time that I have actually been in the country?

DimwattWell in view of the obvious popularity of the ARTF models I have been making further contacts around the world to try and bring more new exciting models to the UK - predominately electric of course, but some real silent flight models as well (the prices shown are guides only - all to be set when deals are struck).

Firstly there is the potentially a twin ARTF (about £110) - similar to the T-Hawk style but with twin motors and completely ARTF - great fun for the park! From this same supplier I am hoping for a range of World War II ARTF's later in the year (Mustang etc., even a Super Fortress - great little foamies!).

For those who want out of the box model but use your own choice of engines and radios there is the 34" span Dimwatt (£55) and 60" span Soarwatt (£55) (Great names!). These are traditionally built models but still ARTF.

SoarwattAnd there is more ! For the experienced modellers how about the Cohen electric F5B 2.88 m span ARTF GFK dream ship (£350).

Video GearThen for pure silent flight enthusiasts there is the Caleb F3F 1.82 m span ARTF GFK model (£250) and the absolutely gorgeous 1:6 scale Discus 2b at 2.5 m span, again ARTF GFK (£300) … More ….? Ok, how about a miniature on board wireless video camera including receiver (£150)? You will have to keep an eye on my web site for details as and when - and if - they come up and become available - all of the electric ones will be reviewed as they come in - I can't wait!

Following my last article announcing the new range, the Skywaves have been replaced by the T-Hawk (as seen in the Shop Front section of this web site) and reduced in price (£110 for the 2 channel, £120 for the 3 channel). I am trying to sort out the delivery matters with these models as getting them from the Far East has T-Hawkproved more difficult than it should be - hopefully this will be worked out - no orders being taken at the moment I'm afraid. (I will not stand for delivery problems as my customers come first and if it means letting anyone down then I will have to review whether I continue with that range. Apologies to anyone who had a model late last month - although with everything else coming through there is still lots to get excited about at Ratby).

As you can see it has been another mind blowing month for me and I have had very little time to do any flying or building.

I have decided to use a direct drive Speed 480 in the Spitfire and will hopefully report on this next month. I will also report on the "Cell Rat", my own design 66" span aerobatic electric model which will be flying on a Team Gear Sport Twin and 18 cells. I previously flew this on 14 cells and it was the business - but I want a full test on what happens with the Sport Twin unit when you throw more volts at it - should be awesome!

I am finally due to have a new car soon. I have had a saloon for a couple of years and this has restricted what I can carry. Now I am going to be getting an Estate car so I can finally get the 66" span Jiant Jabberwock to the field whenever I want to. This will also be the subject of a review later this year - she runs on a Team Gear Quad Sport and 36 cells turning a 22x10 prop. This is one electric that always opens people's eyes wherever it goes!

OK, sorry for this being brief and short of content but I promise to make up for this as the season progresses. Do keep in touch and if there is anything in particular that you would like me to cover here then just let me know and I will do my best to help in any way possible.

See you all next month - promise.

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