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The Pete Tindal 'Evolution' Smoke System
By Paul Bellingham

Earlier on in the year, I decided it was time to recover my 74" Cap 232 and give it a much needed inject of affection. Maybe a new covering scheme would make it fly better??? We can only hope.

Most of us have, by now, seen those magnificent pictures of James Morris' huge Pitts biplane smoking away in the prop hanging position, so it was only a matter of time until this bug hit me too.

Whilst visiting the LMA show at RAF Cosford, I got chatting with Pete Tindal of 'Pete Tindal's Aeroplanes' fame about his alll in one Evolution smoke system.

This, I thought, had to be the perfect addition to the Cap. One credit card "warming" later and I was now the proud owner of the aforementioned item.

When I finally got back to sunny Coningsby that evening, I opened up the packet to assess the contents of my latest acquisition.

Blimey!!! Not too much to it after all!!!!

As you can see in the photo the kit comprises of a master unit, a switch assembly, some fuel tubing and two different spray bar attachments.

The thicker of the two tubes is the heat resistant one that connects to the chosen spray bar.

The neat little master unit houses not only its own battery supply but also a powerful electric pump to draw the fluid from the smoke tank to the exhaust. A very compact unit it is too measuring just 3in x 1.5in x 1in.

All that was required to complete the system is a suitable tank.

As you may all be aware of my break in to my shed I wont bore you all with the details again. Needless to say the thieving ba*tards took the MDS 218 glow engine for the cap. Not good!!!

As I completed the Cap's recovering, with which, I was particularly happy, I decided to cut my losses with it and sell the airframe at the BMFA Nats and I decided that I should keep this doozy on the shelf for the time being and install it into my latest model, being a World Models 85" Katana powered by a DA50 petrol engine. Cheers Insurance Company!

In the Katana is a 20oz tank and according to the smoke system instructions, I was going to need a tank of at least equal size to make the smoke system effective enough for a whole flight.

Searching around the shops I couldn't find one big enough to use. Whilst I was moving house and clearing out the wooden crime scene, I stumbled upon the fuel tank from the Cap!!!! Perfect!!!!!

I found a perfect mounting point in the Katana's cavernous fuz which is right on the CG which should eliminate any chance of CG changes as the tank empties.

I opted to mount the master unit just behind the wing tube for the time being with the option to move it later to aid final CG balancing of the model.

The fuel/smoke fluid tubing included in the kit seemed a little too thin for my liking and so I set about replacing it with Tygon© yellow tubing, which is available from all decent model shops, keeping a length of the thick black tubing for the final connection to the exhaust nipple on the spray bar.

Control Freak!!!
There are 2 easy ways of operating the smoke system.
An ON/OFF control from a flip switch on your Tx which will do as it says. Turn it ON or OFF.
The other way, which I have to say is probable the best way, is to use the master units Throttle link function.
To do this, you have to initiate it by setting a low and high throttle position using your throttle stick on your Tx. Once this is done, the smoke system will operate proportionally to your throttle setting.

Sound complicated? Don't worry, because guidelines for setting up this function are given in the instructions. Couldn't be simpler!!!!

The Evolution Smoke System is sold in the UK direct from:
Pete Tindal's Aeroplanes
20 Denehurst Gdns,
Langdon Hills,
SS16 6TX.
Tel: 01268 548798
Mob: 07956 469639
Or Online From:
Click here to see a video of the system in action (Broadband users 1.39Mb)
Or dialup users click here (759kb)

Technical Details - Evolution Smoke System
The system is the most complete ever manufactured requiring only a tank to be purchased (PTA do not supply this as the size will vary from model to model)
It is supplied with its own pre wired battery pack.
It is supplied pre-wired including switch and charging socket.
It comes complete with our own design and manufacture injectors (choice of 2 for different positions in exhaust) and a smoke fluid compatible tank bung as well as 2 lengths of tubing, one being heat resistant the other for the plumbing.
It is fully proportional and switchable and can be linked to the throttle for automatic volume control at all engine speeds.
Each component is tested by PTA before assembly and once again after assembly in our workshop.
.....and if that's not enough it comes with a guarantee on all parts with the exception of the battery (PTA doesn't have control of customer charging habits!)

Please mention 'Flying Sites' when contacting
Pete Tindal's Aeroplanes



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Pete Tindal 'Evolution' Smoke System
The System is manufactured and sold directly by Pete Tindal's Aeroplanes
Sound complicated? Don't worry because it couldn't be simpler!!!!
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