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ToughLon - Covering Material
By Steve Broughton

Over the years, many forms of covering material have been use to cover model aircraft. In the early day, tissue and dope was the only thing to use. This was not only time consuming, but hazardous to you health, because of the fumes!

"Iron-on" plastic coverings then came along, and have transformed how we cover and present our masterpieces.

Until this year, I've mostly used Solarfilm to cover any built-up models I have, or have had. It's OK to work with, and there is a nice range of colours. But I sometimes found it easily punctured. And trying to remove it from an airframe, often left colour pigmentation stained into the balsa.

I tried Profilm (Oracover) for the first time this year, on a PSS F-18 Hornet I had. I bought the Profilm two years ago, as it was the only one at that time, that was available in Light Grey. My experiences of Profilm were good, but when it came to more complex shapes, the thickness sometimes made it difficult to manipulate.

That said, it's still nice to cover with.

This now leads me onto ToughLon, a new range of covering material from World Models, and distributed in the UK by Steve Webb Models. ToughLon is the very same covering material used on all World Models ARTF kits. So if you do need to repair you WM model then you will be able to find the correct match for your repair.

ToughLon is as easy to work with, as Solarfilm, yet it has the strength of Profilm. It will also peel away easily enough, if you make a mistake, without leaving the pigmented adhesive behind. That said, it could only be peeled so many times, before the adhesive loses strength, or comes away from the plastic.

Wrinkles are a pain, but as long as they aren't too bad or too big, you can iron out most of them with a bit of heat. Wrinkles are can also be a pain on curved areas, such as wing tips. But with patience, and the correct heat setting these are a doddle.

The model shown here, is a 4 year old RCM-Pelikan "Filip Special". It was originally covered in transparent red Oracover, which had faded on the tailplane and rudder.

Sadly, poor light on the day of shooting, made the ToughLon look more blue, than purple.

This stuff is great to work with, easy to use, and available in a wide range of vibrant colours including a nice shade of Pink, transparent and metallic finishes.

For more info on ToughLon, or the lighter weighted Lightex……….. please visit the SWM "Servo Shop" website.

Verdict? Top marks!

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This stuff is great to work with, easy to use, and available in a wide range of vibrant colours