Video Review - How Do You Like Your Hot Dogs?

Wring It Out - Volume 3
By Peter Dennis - Flying Sites Editor

Wring It Out is the third in a trilogy of videos produced by Carl Goldberg Models, aimed as a step-by-step guide to improving your R/C aerobatic flying.

Don & Dave discuss enginesThe video begins with an aerobatic sequence edited to music. The video's host Don Aliffi then introduces Dave Patrick who will fly all the manoeuvres. However, the first ten minutes or so is taken up by a discussion in the workshop about radio systems, the aircraft that will be used, and smoke generating systems. Dave reliably informs us that all aerobatics stem from three basic manoeuvres - the loop, spin and roll, and that 'Hot Dogging' is just aerobatics but closer to the ground!

The demonstration aircraft used are an Ultimate 10-300 from Carl Goldberg Model (not surprisingly), using a YS 120 Airchamber four stroke and Futaba gear. A Giant Scale Engines Godfrey Extra 300 that uses a petrol powered Quadra 4.2cu in. 9bhp engine and a Bob Godfrey Extra 300 weighing in at 22lbs and powered by an Infinity 4.2 engine.

The video moves out to the field and runs through a whole host of manoeuvres. Each manoeuvre is first demonstrated in full screen then repeated two or three times in slow motion. But this time the screen is split into two boxes. The upper right hand box has the aircraft performing the manoeuvre while the lower left hand box shows the transmitter and the control inputs.

Flat Spin - Split ScreenIt took me a little while to figure out that Dave Patrick was a single stick flyer, as this was not explained at the out set! Once I had sorted that one out in my mind, I had to hit re-wind to see the first few manoeuvres again. But this is what, I suspect, you will be doing plenty of, with this video. Even though each manoeuvre is replayed several times you still need to see it again and make notes, if you want to try and reproduce these manoeuvres down at your flying site!

The previous two tapes in this series will have taken you through all the basic stuff. Well, I hope they have, as Volume 3 begins with a flat spin followed by an inverted flat spin! What I learnt immediately was that to make an ordinary spin into a flat spin all you have to do is introduce aileron in the opposite direction to the rudder input!

The rest of the video is taken up with the following manoeuvres:

Knife Edge Spin 270° Flying Stall Turn
Negative Snap to Negative Flat Spin Vertical Snap
Knife Edge From Take Off Reverse Snap
Reverse Knife Edge Snap on Take Off
Knife Edge Circle Rolling Circle
Knife Edge Loop Tail Slide
4 Point Stall Turn Take Off To Knife Edge
Stall Turn From Take Off Then Land Tumble/Lomchovak
Flying Stall Turn (into Knife Edge) Low Loop

Take Off To Knife Edge On reading this list you might think that most of these manoeuvres are out of your league. But having seen each manoeuvre and the stick inputs in slomo I was left with the feeling that most manoeuvres were not outside my ability, and I'm no aerobatic pilot! So I'll hit the re-wind again and try some out. I suppose a good idea would be to have your transmitter in your lap as you watch the tape. That is, if you can take all the strange looks you'll get!

The picture quality of the 52 minute VHS tape is very good considering that the original must have been filmed on the American NTSC system. Mike Mayne, the UK distributor, informs us that he does in fact have all the master tapes for all the range of videos he stocks. So that helps no end when reproducing tapes for commercial resale. Production standards were also excellent. And one great plus -no aggravating music throughout the tape!

So if you want to get Hot Dogging then hot dog over to ATS Mayneline Products and give Mike Mayne a call on 020 8393 9730 (e-mail:
Price: £14.95

Please mention 'Flying Sites' when contacting ATS Mayneline Products.