Go With The Floh!

The Micro Floh From Go Gliding
By Steve Broughton

I only started slope flying in July 2000, after an aeromodelling break of 13 years. I intended to take up electric's, but chose to go into slope soaring instead.

The past few years have seen my confidence and abilities jump from the basic Irvine Pixie, up to my latest model. The 45" span, fully-moulded, highly nimble and aerobatic "Micro Floh".

MicroFloh From Go GlidingI won't bore you with how I installed the radio, as this model is intended for experienced flyers. The 'gear' I used were two Ripmax SD150 servos in the wings, as the wing is quite thin (any 9mm wide servo should be OK though). For the tailplane, I used a pair of Hitec HS-55's. Guidance and power come from a Dalasy 6 channel Rx, and 600mAh Ni-Mh battery respectively.

The general quality of moulding is very good, and the model is available in a number of different colour schemes. The accessory pack supplied with the model is quite adequate for the job, and also includes a steel tow hook!

Build time (if you can call it that !!) was very short, which means you don't have to wait too long for the test flying bit !!.

After a few initial trimming flights which took place on the 26th October 2002, I have found the Micro Floh to be extremely agile in roll rate (almost stupidly fast!!), whilst loops and stall turns are very smooth and precise. She also penetrates very well in anything up to 25mph, without extra ballast!

Although I've not had the chance to try her out on a hot, thermic day. She has given me great confidence in her climbing performance, in what has been very maginal winter lift. You do need good reflexes to keep up with her, as she is very peppy in flight. High speed dives from around 300ft+ are frightening, as she keeps accelerating throughout!!

All in all, the Micro Floh is a totally awesome little "Pocket Rocket" machine, which makes a change from the usual Shooting Star's and Mini Ellipse's. You'll also find the "Floh" cheaper!

In fact, I love it so much, I've bought a second one, and a baby Nano Floh too !!.

The Micro Floh is imported into the UK by Go Gliding, based in Lincolnshire. There website can be found at www.gogliding.net .

The Micro Floh is available from:
Go Gliding
Telephone: 01522 807042 (John Marsh)
01522 704337 (Garry Johnson)
Fax: 01522 703879


Web Site:

Technical Details - Micro Floh
UK Distributor Go Gliding
Aircraft Type: Highly manoeuvrable and aerobatic glider
RRP £126 + p&p
Wingspan 1.16m (45.5 inches)
Wing Area 14.50dm2
Wing Section RG-15
Weight 362g (12.76oz)
Wing Loading 34.5g/dm2
Number of Channels: 4 Channel Radio
Control Functions: Rudder, Elevator, Aileron, V-Tail
Construction ALL Glass
Likes Dislikes
  • Very short build time
  • Quality ALL glass moulding
  • Fuselage is pre-painted to match the rest of the sailplane
  • Agile flying qualities
  • A lots of fun in a small package
  • So good I bought another!
  • None

Please mention 'Flying Sites' when contacting
Go Gliding



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Micro Floh
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A totally awesome little
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