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PAW Carb
Hugh Masterson has been enterprising, and made his own carburettor for his PAW 80.

Think About Others When You Fly!
A concerned modeller raises issues that we should all consider before we fly.

A Tale Of Woe
Tony Volante finds that starting in the hobby and finding a club is not the simple task he first thought it would be. There is however, a happy ending!

Simple Noise Reduction Mount
This month Philip Cowgill has e-mailed us with an interesting idea to cut down noise and vibration.

Blackened Piston & Liner
John C. wondered if his engine was coming to any harm as the piston and liner were blackened.

Reader's Letters
Help for a reader using our 'Free Ads' section. An dthe photo phenomenon has struck again!

Does Engines Performance Improve with The Weather?
Hugh Fairhead airs what he believes is a common misconception!
Jonathan Rabbit takes up the discussion, with a scientific slant to the argument....

Disagreement on How To Throttle A PAW Diesel
Dave Larkin from Canada disagrees with comments made in the June issue of Aviation Modeller International...

Comms Towers
Have you every been affected? One reader wants your opinion.

Can You Identify This Model?
Can identify this beautiful vintage model. It's dated from 1944

Now You See It, Now You Don't
Why you shouldn't ask your club mates to photograph your pride and joy...

Harvey Middleton has modelled three of his favourite aircraft. Now Fat Albert (C130) is ready to roll off the production line. Find out more here.

Geoff Graham's favourite flyers from the Golden Age of Aviation include a de Havilland Dh71 from JB Aviation....

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