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New Designs For PSS or Electric

Harvey Middleton in conjuction with Mellor Aviation has sent us information on three models that he hopes to produce commercially very soon. The Catalina is a much loved aircraft with a long and famous history. The Hercs are a little younger but have no less a record with airforces around the world. Both make excellent aircraft to model. So Harvey has given it a go, to great effect we think. Here's what he has to say about them.

C130 HerculesPlease find info on the three kits that we are going to produce very soon. First will be the C130 Mk 1. The good old workhorse affectionately known as "Fat Albert". Followed by the RAF version Mk 3 stretched. Last but not least will be the Catalina.

All three Prototypes have flown exceedingly well as P.S.S and are fully aerobatic on ailerons and elevator using Mellor Aviation wing Packs. (Not that you want to see Hercs and Cats doing rolls and loops) Also all three types have flown as Electric using 2 x 400s in the inboard nacelles.

Fuselages are preformed in High Impact Styrene (Not to be confused with expanded foam) and come part assembled. Engine nacelles, long range tanks, Servo tray, battery box and R.X. box plus Balsa parts will all included in the kits.

Approx dimensions are:
C 130 Herc Mk 1 Span 54" Length 33" Weight 2lbs 4oz as P.S.S. Add weight of motors and battery for Electric.

C 130 Herc Mk 3 Span 54" Length 37 Weight 2lbs 6oz as P.S.S. Add weight as above for Electric.

CatalinaCatalina. Span 54" Length 34" Weight 2lbs 5oz as P.S.S. Add weight as above for Electric. Also included will be a basic decal sheet for windows etc.

Basic figures at the moment come out around 119.00 this will include post and packing UK. Your comments on this please and if you require any more info please feel free to ask.

A10 TankbusterIn closing I would just like to say thank you for your help, it is greatly appreciated in getting these off the ground. (Excuse the pun).

Also in the pipeline is the A10 Tankbuster. We at Flying Sites are currently building and evaluating a pre-production C130, and we are very impressed with what we have seen! A full review will be published on Flying Sites in the very near future.

Harvey can be e-mailed at
Or phone him on 0116 2885888


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