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Can You Identify This Model?

Can you help Tim Costello? He's asked us to help him identify this model from around 1944. If you can help, email him at the address at the bottom of his letter.

Unknown Model AircraftDear Folks,
I wonder if you can identify the vintage airplane in the photo below? It was published in the old Aeromodeller magazine by Alex Imrie and I think it is the lovliest model I have seen.

The plans appeared in the 'Model Aeronautical Digest 1944'

Note the nice elliptical wing shape with straight dihedral, not the usual polyhedral. It is 6 ft. span and has a Brown Junior engine.

See the way the vertical fin curls in at the lower back and the horizontal stabiliser has also got a curled-in part in the middle. These are the things to look for.

It nearly looks like the 'Valkyrie' but the fuselage seems to have an oval shape and the pylon is quite low. Also, the wing ribs are closely spaced and not the complex geodetic pattern of the Valkyrie.

Thank you in advance from the and I look forward to hearing from you.

Tim Costello.

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