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Consideration For Others On Slope Sites.

How many times do we go flying and think not only of our own enjoyment but that of others? Our actions can directly affect fellow modellers enjoyment. We have recently received the following from a concerned modeller. He has been worried enough by other's inconsiderate actions to put pen to paper and voice his concerns.

If you come into any of the following categories, you should be changing your ways. Let us know your views by e-mailing us here at Flying Sites.

Having been flying for a few of years now, I have noticed a serious lack of flying etiquette amongst both club flyers, and display pilots alike.

Our hobby allows us to fly highly sophisticated, sleek and agile machines, whether they be "Powered trainers", "Turbine powered jets", "Helicopters" or "Gliders". No matter what the design or shape they may be, in the wrong hands, these machines ARE capable of causing injuries of various severities, and in very rare cases............death.

The introduction of EPP foam into modelling was a major breakthrough, as regards to damage limitation of aircraft. It has revolutionised the way we learn to fly, and has helped to keep many modellers interested in the sport. But as always, there are those individuals who abuse EPP's most valuable asset, it's resistance to damage.

Slope Combat has given modelling a new lease of life, but I have noted there are some irresponsible people, who disregard the safety aspects,

Combating far too low (less the 20ft above the ridge)
Combating far too close in (less than 10ft out from the ridge!)
Combating over the pits!
People flying into other people, on purpose !!

Combating is far more fun for everyone (if the days conditions allow) to be done at height (around 100ft, up and 100ft out from the slope). Not only is it safer for those flying and also the spectators, but it also saves you having to go and retrieve your models every couple of minutes!

Flying over the pit area, at any height lower than 100ft, "on purpose" SHOULD be regarded as dangerous flying, and the culprit reprimanded if not grounded. Just work out how much hard earned money in sitting on the ground, let alone the human cost if someone is injured!!

Another thing I've noticed, is a lack of co-ordination when there are multiple aircraft flying, at both club and display level? I attended a major model show last year, where I saw around 20 WW1 fighters flying simultaneously during a display. All models were flying a "Left-hand circuit" and all the pilots were cutting each other up during the turns? Surely it's easier and safer for a following aircraft, to pass BEHIND the aircraft it's following, during a turn?

Full-size pilots never cut each other up, so why should model flyers be any different?

We owe it to ourselves, to be more observant when flying, and owe it to other's, as not to endanger them or their machinery by our own selfishness.

We are all been honored with the gift of flight in its many fascinating forms, but remember this................. it only takes a few idiotic acts to shut down a club or lose a flying site.

The BMFA work hard for us, even if we don't realise it. DON'T make their job any harder!

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