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Golden Age

An e-mail that Geoff Graham sent us included some of his favourite Golden Age aircraft including this beautiful Dh 71. Geoff details his models below.

deHavilland Dh71Yes, the DH71 is one my own but not OD! It is a JB Aviation model and I have had a life long (63 now!) fascination and admiration for de Havilland aircraft and the DH71 is a good example of their philosophy. The model is 1/5 scale, weighs about 6lbs and is powered by an OS Surpass .52.

I love building models and only wish that I was as accomplished a pilot as I am a builder. After 50 years of flying models through the usual Free Flight, Control Line, thermalling, sloping route, I've been flying R/c for about 20 years. I can manage steady models like the J3 Cub, vintage and the like but I'll never be able to handle fast aerobatic stuff. I've stopped trying and settle these days for relaxed flying. Current project is Ben Buckle Falcon. 1937 design, 96" model which I will fit with a Laser 70.

Junior 60 & Piper CubHere another couple of my favourite models. Junior 60 has an SC .30 whilst Cub has another of my Surpass .52's. Lovely engine!

Geoff Graham.

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