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A Simple Mount To Cut Down Noise & Vibration

Philip Cowgill has e-mailed us with an interesting idea to cut down noise and vibration. It's simple and also cheap. Why not give it a go and let us know if it works for you!

Hi there. I was reading about noise reduction. I thought I could help with this idea for noise reduction problems people might encounter.

1. First thing you have to do is but a cheap squirty tube of silicone sealant from B&Q.

2. Right now you need a flat surface e.g. the glass from a picture frame is ideal. Cut up a plastic bag so it covers the glass with an inch spare all round so that you can tape the bag to the glass with NO wrinkles this will prevent the silicone from sticking to the glass.

3. Then get your engine mount an apply a nice thick layer of silicone on the back and place on the plastic bag. ( Be very careful not to press to hard an squeeze out all the silicone)

4. Get some more glass and coat it in plastic bag now squirt more silicone into the centre of the glass so you get one big blob in the middle, place 2 pieces of 3 mil balsa strip at each side of the glass then push another piece of plastic covered glass onto the silicone until you meet the 3 mil balsa strip so you get a uniform sheet of 3 mil thick silicone.

5. Go to bed an come back next day! by this time it will be dry. Now peel off the sticky tape holding the plastic to the glass on the motor mount and silicone sheet and trim the plastic though the edge of the motor mount and silicone sheet. Now with the engine mount drill out the silicone where the bolt passes through. With the silicone sheet you have to cut loads of washers. To help make the wasters use an old TX aerial tube sharpened at one end to cut the centre of the washer.

6. Now assemble the engine mount onto the airframe placing three silicone washers at the head end and three washers at the bolt end of all 4 bolts holding the engine mount to the model when tightening the bolts be careful not to over tighten the bolts!

This method should combined with large diameter and fine pitch of smaller diameter coarser pitch props should significantly reduce noise, and if you are on a tight budget like me its much cheaper that buying rubber grommets for your motor mount or fancy motor mounts with rubber bits on because you can noise proof many many models for roughly 3 quid! I hope this helps.
If this method works for any one in your club or you decide to incorporate it in your web page please contact me on

All the best
Philip Cowgill

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