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Advice on how to use our Free Adverts page. And that mysterious photo phenomenon!

Dear Sir,
I have just found your excellent web site. Incidentally I found it by searching for "HAYTREE".
I have a SAITO 4 FS which requires overhauling.

However, I can fly model aircraft but I am afraid computers fail me. I require a flight pack compatible with a FLEET XP/FM Tx. After completing the appropriate fields on screen what then do you do with it. There doesn't seem anyway to submit the advert or am I not seeing the wood for the trees.


Mr Gordon,
When you submit an advert, fill in all the fields on the form, then when you are happy with the information, just click on the 'Send Details' button at the end of the form.

You only have to click once. When you are successful you will see a 'thank you' page confirming that you have sent us the advert. Depending on the time of day and the speed of you web connection, this may happen instantly or may take a few second.

By the way, when you say you require a flight pack, do you mean a receiver battery of the complete airborne part of the radio system?

That photo phenomenon has struck again (see Crash of the Month). So the moral is 'If you see someone lining up a photograph then land quickly before it's too late!'

Funnily enough the same thing that happened to Chris Voisey happened to me, I had just been flying in formation with a clubmate for about 5 minutes, flying circuits with the club photographer Alex Whittaker taking pics. The guy I was flying with landed and I flew a few solo passes, with Al taking pictures..... then I took the model over to the right of the field (for some stupid reason which I do not remember), glanced back at the strip to check it was clear for landing, then looked at my model which was against a dark black cloud heading down....I tried to get it back, but coolant see its attitude.....and in it went, fortunately it's repairable although the damage was quite bad. Shame really, it was a new model as well But it'll fly again, hopefully!?!?!?! :-s

Nathan Farrell-Jones, Delyn Model Flying Club / Heswall Model Aircraft Club.

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