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World War Two
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Spitfire: The History
Eric Morgan, Edward Shackldy
Publisher: Key Publications
Pages: 674

A revised and expanded detailed reference of the Spitfire. The book documents information on more than 22,500 aircraft and offering over 2000 illustrations, including scale plans, action photographs and camouflage and markings artwork.


The Spitfire Log
Peter Haining (Editor)
Publisher: Souvenir Press Ltd.

Originally published in 1985 and now revised, an account of the Spitfire's creation and its role in the Battle of Britain, which includes a list of Spitfire squadrons and a guide to where to see the plane today.


Bader: The Man & His Men
Michael Burns
Publisher: Cassel Military
pages: 336

Despite losing both legs in a pre-war accident, Douglas Bader returned to active service, leading squadrons to victory in the Battle of Britain. This volume portrays Bader as a pilot and leader, whose endeavours and techniques were emulated by his colleagues.

Spitfires and Polished Metal
Graham Moss, Barry McKee (Photographer)

Binding: A4 Paperback, 144 pages

Historic Flying" is a company that has an international reputation for rebuilding Supermarine Spitfires to flying condition. Since their formation in the early 1990s they have rebuild 10 aircraft. This text chronicles the history of the company.


Bruce Lewis
Publisher: Cassel Military
Pages: 198

During World War II Bruce Lewis flew in 36 raids over Germany in the Lancasters of a Special Duty squadron. In this book he tells the story of the air crews of RAF Bomber Command and the Eighth American Air Force, recording the very human feelings that made operational flying the way it was.

Messerschmitt Bf 109 A-E
Willy Radinger, Walter Schick

Publisher: Schiffer Publishing
Pages: 136

The Swordfish Story
Ray Sturtivant
Publisher: Cassel Military
Pages: 240

A modest performer, the Fairey Swordfish was destined for replacement in the early years of World War II. This book describes the plane that outlived its intended successors and recorded outstanding feats of naval air action including attacks on the Tirpitz and raids on Taranto.

Focke Wulf 190 In Combat
Alfred Price
Publisher: Sutton Publishing

Pages: 203

When the Focke Wulf Fw 190 became operational in 1941, it gave its enemies a nasty shock: it could out-run, out-climb and out-dive the Spitfire Mk V, the best machine the RAF then had available. The story of the versatile aircraft is offered here, along with first-hand accounts from former pilots, and an interview with the head of the Focke Wulf design team, Professor Kurt Tank.


Philip J. Birtles, John Cunningham
Publisher: Sutton Publishing
Pages: 287

Alongside the Spitfire and Lancaster, the Mosquito is one of the most famous RAF aircraft of World War II. In this illustrated history, the design, development and production of the "Wooden Wonder" are described in detail. A survey of surviving Mosquitos is also included.

Mosquito Reconnaissance Units of World War 2
Martin Bowman
Publisher: Osprey
Pages: 96

This volume, one of three "Osprey Combat Aircraft" titles on the Mosquito, focuses on reconaissance variants and their users. The plane's high performance gave it the ability to escape interception by enemy fighters. The text covers recce tactics, operations and a spread on crew uniforms.


Soviet Combat Aircraft of WW2 Vol. 2
Yefim Gordon, Dmitri Khazanov
Publisher: Midland Publishing

This is the first of a two-volume set detailing Soviet WWII combat aircraft, both prototype and operational. Arranged by manufacturer, entries describe products of famous designers as well as lesser known names, drawing on Russian primary sources including manufacturers, flight test establishments.


Warbird Tech 29: Martin B-26 Marauder
Fredrick A. Johnsen
Publisher: Specialty Press
Pages: 100

Originally nicknamed the "Widow Maker" and "The Flying Prostitute", this work covers the aircraft's technical manual excerpts, factory photographs and drawings, combat photographs and combat accounts.



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