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Electric Powered Flight
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Electric Flight Gearboxes
Oliver Wennmacher
Publisher: Traplet Publication Ltd.

The definitive guide to electric flight gearboxes. This book will help in deciding the best choice of gearbox for your model and motor. The book gives information on many applications for geared motors and explains the individual components of the power system chain from battery right through to the propellor. Detailed results of the author's tests are also contained in the book, with critical assessment of all the main gearboxes currently commercially available.


Fly Electric (Revised 1999)
Dave Chinnery
Publisher: Nexus Special Interests
Pages: 128
Illustrated Paperback

Fly Electric is now in its' second edition, offers a comprehensive overview of electric flight technology and the range of models that make it possible fro the total beginners and experienced convert alike. For the more experienced modeller, the field now covers everything from 100 mph pylon racers and four-engined scale jet models through to high performance multi-task models. For the beginner or less experienced, realistic ways of progressing are shown for many types of models.

Scale Electric Flight
Jonas Kessler
Publisher: Traplet Publication Ltd.

Drawing on 20 years of experience, Jonas Kessler provides a step by step guide to successful electric flying. From building and wing construction through to power systems and flying techniques, 'Scale Electric Flight' is the definitive guide to electric semi scale modelling.


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