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Easyweld - Easy Aluminium Welding

Easyweld is the probably the easiest method of welding aluminium available to the hobbist, and is ideal for use on all types of repairs. Large or small the Easyweld rod can help you make a professional, inexpensive and durable weld.

Easyweld aluminium welding rods can be used to repair Aluminium, Al-alloys, Zinc, Pot metals, Die-cast and Kirksite dies.

Using a low working temperature of 732° F (392° C) obtained from any type of handheld torch - Oxyacetylene, Mapp, Propane or Butane. This product is designed specifically for welding aluminium, and uses no flux, making it easy to use and environmentally safe.

Easyweld is an idea alternative to conventional Aluminium welding processes. Weld and repair Aluminium, Zinc-alloy and die-cast metal parts you thought couldn't be salvaged. You can create a weld stronger than the parent metal in minutes using just Easyweld rods and a hand-held torch. Repair parts that couldn't previously be welded, such as thin aluminium boat hulls.

There is no need for expensive equipment. No need for years of welding experience. It's convenient and can be used by both novice and professional alike.

Easyweld is the most widely used rod on the market for aluminium welding, welding zinc based metals - white - die cast and pot metals. Welds made with the rod are clean and free from slag, and produces a sound joint which is stronger than the parent metal.

More details and a full FAQ an e found on the Easyweld website. You can also buy online at: Easyweld comes in a variety of packs sizes and prices.

5 Rod DIY Kit
10 Rod Kit
20 Rod Kit £24.95
Workshop 60 Rod Kit
Engineers 100 Rod Kit

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