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Are These The Cheapest Micro Servos In The UK?

SWM 3.7g ServoSteve Webb Models and their on line shopping site have possibly the best value Micro Servos in the U.K.

Steve doesn't really like the word 'Cheap' but would prefer to call this range, 'Economic' Micro Servos, but at the end of the day - they are very good quality, value for money CHEAP servos !

There is a 3.7g Servo and a 4.4g Servo. The servos have been manufactured for SWM in China, after they had tested several samples some time ago.

While you can't expect the performance a digital 4.4g servo for this price, all things being equal, value for money with a good performance is what you get with these little gems !

SWM 4.4g ServoFor more details visit or click the link below :

Both the 3.7g and the 4.4g servo featuring tough plastic gears and a fast 0.12 second/ 60D horn/arm movement, this is a quick little servo. These servos come with a connector that will suit JR, Futaba, Hitec or New Sanwa. Each servo comes with a pack of fittings/hardwear. Spare horns and spare gear sets are also available.

New for August 2005, a range of Micro Servos starting at £6.00! *

Yep...not a typo ! These servos are as low a £6.00 ! each ! When bought in deals.*

3.7g Servo Spec
4.4g Servo Spec
Dimensions (mm): 8 x 20 x 17   Dimensions (mm): 8 x 20 x 19
Weight (grams): 3.7g   Weight (grams): 4.4g
Speed (sec): 0.12   Speed (sec): 0.12
Torque ( 0.40   Torque ( 0.60
Ball Raced: No.   Ball Raced: No
£7.99 Each   £6.99 Each
4 for £30.00   4 for £26.00
10 for £70.00   10 for £60.00

These servos are only available from Steve Webb Models and from Steve Webb Models do not supply these servos on their trade side (SWD).

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