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Great Deals on 8.3g Servos From Steve Webb Models

Steve Webb Models and their on line shopping site currently have a great deal on 8.3g micro servos, but it can't last!

These servos are an ideal size of servo for Park Fly and EP models.

The servos are made to a good standard with a huge (for it's size) 1.3kg torque and a fast speed at 0.12 second over 60 degrees.

Check out the specifications when comparing other similar servos. The case is a nice tight, good quality case - plastic gear train.

The servos come supplied with a connector to suit JR, Futaba and Hitec.

This servo has been manufactured especially for ServoShop and this makes it the most high quality low cost 8.3g servo available! This servo will suit JR, Futaba, New Sanwa and Hitec.

One extra point of interest is that the lead exits the bottom of the servo, so you don't damage the servo lead on the mounting lugs!

At the present time the cheapest way to buy the 8.3g servos is £45 for 10 (that's only £4.50 each). That also includes a bag of horns and other accessories with each servo!

It's an introductory price! Its unlikely to be this low in the New Year!

You can buy online at the Servo Shop by using the link below:

8.3g Servo Spec
Dimensions (mm): 11x 22.2 x 22.0
Weight (grams): 8.3g
Speed: 0.12sec/60°
Torque: 1.3kg/cm@4.8v
Voltage: 4.8v -6.0v
Ball Raced: No.
£4.95 each / Horns included
£19.00 for FOUR / Horns included
£45.00 for TEN /Horns included.

These servos are only available from Steve Webb Models and from Steve Webb Models do not supply these servos on their trade side (SWD).

Steve Webb Models
80 Church Street
Tel:: 01928 735225 or 735252
Fax: 01928 735410

Please mention 'Flying Sites' when contacting
Steve Webb Models