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RCV-91CD Launched

RCV Launch New RCV91-CD Engine
RCV Engines have been in touch with us about the launch of their latest engine, in their CD (Crank Drive)

RCV 52 & 91CDThe RCV91-CD (0.91 cubic inches, 15 cc) continues the RCV tradition of producing high quality, high performance engines in an extremely low height package. Following on from the success of the RCV58-CD engine and using the unique rotating cylinder valve technology, the RCV91-CD is the same height as conventional .52 4-stroke engines so should be a sure fire winner for airframes from a .46 right up to a .91

The ultra low profile, high quality die-cast and competitive price make the RCV91-CD the ideal 4-stroke choice for all modellers. The SSP for the 91CD is £169 and the engine can be purchased from many good model shops or from RCV direct. More information can be found by visiting the WestonUK website: This sell-out launch follows on for a very successful 2004 with progress being made across all company divisions.

RCV91CD & BoxA spokesman for RCV said “Our model engine division continues to make inroads into the model aero market with 7,000 engines now operating in over 50 countries worldwide. The launch of the RCV91-CD follows on from last month's multi million dollar award of a major USA contract for the development of an ultra lightweight 4-stroke designed for a range of specialist small engine applications.

The RCV engine design is not just limited to the 10cc – 150cc range but has the potential for larger and smaller sizes as well as multi-cylinder applications. Set to produce better power output compared to other gasoline powered utility 4-strokes, and with several companies already participating in development and technology transfer projects this engine will certainly be seen in scooters, motorcycles and handheld chainsaws and strimmers in the near future.

Having already completed seven years of R&D and with our current client development program we believe the RCV design could become the ‘de facto’ small engine standard in a wide variety of applications within the next seven to ten years. We are confident that current and planned developments for our engine technology will take us in to new global markets. Incorporation of RCV technology within these applications will be through a
combination of licensing and own manufacture”.

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