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RC Log Goes Wireless!

Allendale Electronics have launched the EU Wireless Seagull system which provides up to 20 channels of data about your model, conveniently displayed on the scrollable pages on the LCD Display.

This system is designed for all modellers to measure and record your models performance and condition. It can demonstrate what is actually happening while the model is in operation. Simple to set up and operate, the complete Seagull Wireless Telemetry Dashboard systems installs easily in your Plane/UAV, Heli, Car or Boat to provide real time data at your fingertips!

  • Audible beeps can be easily programmed for high or low alarm values on the data, letting you set alarms for critical system parameters, like low battery, high temp, stall speed, high RPM, and so much more!
  • Each complete Seagull System includes the Flight, Boat or Car data recorder which means you get both wireless telemetry, and full data logging.
  • Small self-contained LCD Telemetry receiver attaches simply to your radio, or is monitored by your pit crew. No laptop is needed at the field!

The Seagull is a USB peripheral: plug the receiver into your laptop to get full screen live display and unlimited recording on your laptop or PC! With Analogue dial or Digital Readouts to choose from.

Here’s a partial list of the data that can be displayed on the Seagull Wireless Dashboard.

Servo movements: The Seagull will display positions of up to four servos, with settable user friendly names on the LCD.
Receiver Battery Voltage: The Seagull will display your receiver’s battery voltage
Speed: The Seagull displays the speed of your model with each sample.
Altitude/Climb Rate: The Seagull displays the flight’s altitude and climb rate with each sample.
RPM: The Seagull displays the RPM of your model’s motor.
Temperature: The Seagull displays up to two channels of temperature.
Optional Accessories: Optional expanders for measuring G-Force, Exhaust Gas Temperature, Electric Motor
Current/Voltage, and other parameters are available such as Cumulative Amp Hours. All data from these expanders is compatible with Seagull Packages.

The Seagull TX Unit.
The TX unit is light and compact, weighing just 6 grams and measuring 13x35x6mm, With a range of 350+Meters (1000ft+) for Airborne models, and a range of 250+Meters (750ft+) for Land based models.

Attention Electric Flyers/Racers…
Using the Electric Expander Add-on you can monitor your Battery packs Voltage and Current Draw (0-50V and 0- 90Amps in 50mA steps), using this information the Seagull unit or PC software will calculate and display the Cumulative Amp Hours of your battery – Very useful for determine the best Prop/Motor combination for your model.

Alarms can be set to warn you of low battery warning, or when you have used a preselect level of Amps Hours – Allowing you to land with power to spare every time.

This sensor also allows you to see the condition of your battery packs and allows you to monitor any deterioration occurring with you batteries. This sensor is compatible with NiCAD, NiMH, Lipo etc

If you have any questions on the RC-LOG systems please contact Allendale Electronics at:
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Tel/Fax: +44 (0) 1992 450780

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