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Now Shipping - The MicroPower e-Logger

The latest electronic logger from Allendale Electronics is now available.

Whether you're into Electric Planes, Helis, Cars, Trucks, Boats or other models, you need to know how your electric power system performs under actual operating conditions. The USB MicroPower E-Logger is a miniature on-board datalogger that monitors and records the Voltage and Current Draw, with additional sensors available to monitor RPM, and Temperature - Speed is also available on ground vehicles when using the RPM sensor.

Weighs approx 21 grams, Adjustable logging rate (1-10 samples/second), lossless data compression, Supports USB Live Mode, Powerful Graphing software , Software displays and graphs Amps, Volts, Watts, mAH, Temps, RPM, and other parameters, in English or Metric units and Internet Updatable firmware

The MicroPower system comes with everything you need to log current and voltage, right out of the box (logger, USB cable, CD, manual). System Price £47.95

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