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The Facts About Poly-C

Modellers have been very enthusiastic about Poly-C, the wing skinning/covering system, but there now appears to be some confusion as to who supplies Poly-C.

Poly-C is a water based polyurethane varnish, which is different from other varnishes because it contains an adhesive agent. This mixture effectively adheres the covering material to a model structure.

Poly-C is used to cover models with Nylon, Tissue, or Glass cloth; it is applied in a similar way to glass resin although there is no mixing and because it is water based it produces a strong lightweight finish.

Drying time between coats is usually 20 to 30 minutes at room temperature and our 500ml bottle is sufficient to cover the standard type 60" wingspan aircraft.

Poly-C must be built up a coat at a time to ensure a good chemical bond. Then to produce a smooth finish would take around 6 coats on a lightweight tissue and up to 10 coats to fill the weave of a typical glass cloth material.

Its viscosity will cause it to flow a long way and it is easy to wipe off any drips which may occur on the under surface. Because of its quick drying time between coats a whole airframe may be completed in a few hours.

Poly-C will dry to a transparent state and is fuel proof to diesel, glow, and petrol. It may also be applied as a fuel-proofing agent to the engine bay and fuel tank compartments. It will accept most paints but it will benefit from a paint primer.

Poly-C is a registered trade name belonging to RC World Ltd and it is only available from RC-World. Poly-C is £9.99 per 500ml bottle and further details with instruction can be found at

You can buy Poly-C online direct from:
RC World
or by calling the telesales line on:
01633 682795

RC World is now located near Newport, Gwent.

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