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Magnum Fuels Launch In Europe

Magnum Fuels Europe have recently announced the availability of the well-respected Magnum Proformance range of model aircraft fuels. The release of this range, which will initially be available in 20% and 30% nitromethane formulations specifically for helicopter flyers, expands choice for the European helicopter enthusiast and makes more affordable the use of the same high-performance fuels as their US-based counterparts.

Designed for better performance with excellent cooling, Magnum Proformance helicopter fuels contain 22% oil in a unique synthetic lubrication package to ensure longevity in the harshest of helicopter environments. Available since 1985 and widely used in the USA, Magnum has become recognised for excellent power and smoothness as well as its excellent value for money. The recommended retail prices per US gallon for 2004 for Magnum Fuels are:

20% (Magnum HeliPlus 20) £16.49 inc VAT

30% (Magnum HeliPlus 30) £19.99 inc VAT

Magnum will be available from the end of March 2004 from all good model shops. Magnum Fuels Europe actively seeks retailers throughout the EC who are interested by the excellent opportunities offered by the resale of this excellent product. Clubs interested in bulk ordering are initially requested to go through their local retailer to whom bulk discounts will be made available on request.

Magnum fuels has an impressive competition pedigree. Six of the 15 competitors in the 2003 XFC at Dayton, OH were using Magnum fuel. Magnum is also an excellent FAI fuel and Magnum pilots are frequently well placed in FAI and other national competitions in the USA.

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