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New Energy Source Range

Flite-Tec Quantum Plus - the new energy source for model sport.

HobbyWorx Europe of Stuttgart/Germany, introduces into Europe, the Flite-Tec Quantum Plus HRD (Hi Rate Discharge) the first product of the new, state-of-the-art NiMH battery generation.

The combination of high charge rate and high voltage by a discharge rate of up to 15/20A is made possible through the internal resistance of only 6 mOhm. Flite-Tec Quantum Plus NiHM cells in 2/3A format with 29 mm height and 17 mm diameter, offer more than twice as much capacity as 500 mAh NiCd batteries with a similar weight of 22g/cell.

Battery packs are available in heat shrink tube, with front and endcaps, silicon wire 1.5 qmm, without connectors or as single cells.

The Flite-Tec Quantum Plus 1100 HRD cells are manufactured with the latest production methods and with the highest quality components available. Therefore these NiMH cells provide the highest level of performance and
resiliency on the market.

The ideal power source for 400/480 and small brushless motors.Quantum NiMH cells are safe for the environment and non-toxic.

The new Quantum plus cells design parameters and final manufacturing has taken Lyndon Percey at Hobbyworx Australia over 2 years to perfect including 5 generations of trials to at last have the next generation of NiMH cells specifically designed for model enthusiast.

Lyndon expresses many thanks to Tony Haseler for his expertise and dedication and the crew from S&B models Australia for there time in testing each batch of cells and providing feed back and the every day hobbyist which all helped to perfect the Quantum cells.

Lyndon selected Guenther Closen of Stuttgart the owner of Hobbyworx Europe for his "commitment to perfection" to handle the European distribution, while he'll be looking after the Australian/New Zealand Asia Pacific region.

Lyndon Percey is currently working on a "newer" additional design called the Quantum "longrunner" in the 2/3A size, SubC and 2/3AA and are nearly completed.

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