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Go Solo Flight Box

Go Solo Flight BoxPractical field equipment is regularly developed by practical aeromodellers. And this is the case with the the Go Solo Flight Box.

This flight box has been developed by practical aeromodellers, Roger Wain and Vic Applegate, who understand the requirements of modellers flying a wide range of aircraft. Sturdy construction should ensure long service. At the same time it's capable of modification by the user if required.

The Go Solo flight box is delivered as a flat pack, however the construction process has been easied, as all the wood has already been cut to size, parts have been pre-drilled and countersunk, then assembled before delivery. The flight box is then dismantled and given a coat of water based polyurethane varnish. All part including screws are then sent out to the customer.

Go Solo Flight Box Flat PackThe Go Solo Flight Box incorporates a model stand. This is intended for 'medium' sided models but can be adapted for models of different sides. It is of robust construction and is best clamped on top of an inexpensive work stand available from most DIY stores. Once clamped, the box and stand can be moved by means of hand holds in the box ends.

lf you intend to use the box on a work stand you will find that a 'stop' positioned under the front tray will allow the box to be slid into the right place every time for the cramping handles to turn. The bench top has only to be opened out far enough to come into contact with the box sides. Trials of strength will eventually pull the box apart. The box can, of course, be used free standing if you prefer to work at ground level.

Go Solo Flight Box DrawingThe Go Solo flight box also allows any model to be moved sideways by adjusting the moveable model restraints. This alows you to direct the exhaust oils away from the flight box.

The box is constructed of plywood and is 610mm (about 2 ft) long and 280mm (about 11ins) wide. The model restraints (posts) are movable without the use of tools, sideways in 12mm (about 1/2inch) steps. The restraints are padded with standard pipe (13mm) insulation. The insulation can be cut to allow a better 'fit' if the silencer 'passes' the post. A cross band can be added for additional security to the rear posts in windy weather.

The Go Solo Flight Box currently retails for £25 plus postage.

To puchase the Go Solo Flight Box or to find out more details then please contact the manufacturers by email at:

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Go Solo Flight Box