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Gibbs Guide To Lead Acid Batteries

Following on from his successful guides for various batteries and battery chargers, (See our reviews elsewhere on this site) Andrew Gibbs has released the latest edition in the ever growing collection. This time it's a user friendly guide to Lead Acid Batteries

Lead acid batteries are in very widespread use in RC modelling; modellers using IC engines almost always have a lead acid battery in a light or starting box, modellers of electric aircraft, cars and boats use them as a power source by recharging models, and marine modellers use them both by powering displacement type hulls and for starting IC engines

Lead acid batteries are often more or less ignored until they give trouble and consequently many modeller's lead acid batteries require replacement much more often than necessary. This unhappy situation is partly due to the lack of a suitable modeller's guide this publication is intended to correct this. Environmental and financial benefits also result from extending the useful life of lead acid batteries.

Any modeller with lead acid batteries should find the guide helpful, not only to get the best performance and service from them, but also to prolong their life. The Gibbs Guides are based on Andrew's experience of using rechargeable batteries in modelling appellations over nearly 30 years, combined with extensive research, and the material has been discussed at length with a number of experienced battery experts

This guide applies to all types of lead acid batteries, and focuses - particular on the two most common types in modelling usage; the 12 V 7 Ah SLA ('gel cell') battery, and the larger car and leisure batteries often used to supply field chargers The guide's content also applies to any other lead acid batteries you may have in your household such as those in cars caravans and small appliances like torches

Andrew has tried to strike a balance so that the guide is technically while remaining easily digestible. I hope you will find it useful, interesting and even entertaining.

Available direct from Gibbs Guides and selected model shops such as Sussex Model Centre (Tel: 01903 207 525)
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