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Full Stocks of Spectrum Paints From 6th June

Flair Models Ltd have announce that they now fully re-stocked with their popular range of Spectrum Paints.

Ask a modeller who has used Flair Spectrum paint whether it’s any good. The answer is always not just “yes” but “yes it’s superb”. It coats well, gives a highly professional looking finish and is available in many colours in tins and aerosol cans.

One of the first products to be put back on full stream by the new Flair business team is this great product.

Every colour is now in stock & ready to ship to your local shop or direct to retail if you phone Flair in the event that your local shop does not yet stock it.

All colours and types available from 6th June!

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Tel: +44 (0) 1793 721303

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