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New Kid On The Block - The Enya 40XZ RC

The 40XZ RC is the latest engine from Enya and is due in the country in March. This engine has not been viewed before in the UK. Flying Sites is the first UK publication to see this engine!

Details are still sketchy but Steve Webb Models, UK distributors of Enya Engines, say that its "very powerful and very light weight."

Steve also goes onto say "It's a milestone in Enya History - not only is it an all new design (we have had a few of those in recent years). It's a totally new box! This is something I have looked forward to for years. The new boxing is very, very nice and it SHOUTS - I'm different than the old 40 in the old Enya box. Its a stunning looking piece of equipment."

More details will be published when we get more info from Steve. The engine can be purchased online from Steve Webb Models at The Servo Shop.

Price 129.99 in stock now.

There will be a a STUNT version also. Thats another first for Flying Sites! SWM's expect the STUNT version in around May 2006.

UPDATE -Specification
The Enya 40XZ will turn 10 x 12 prop..... whoa...

The Enya 40 XZ with Enya M351X Muffler.
The power to weight ratio of this engine is sure to turn heads! While Enya quote a very reasonable ‘useful’ HP of 1.2, if we were test this engine by other manufacturers test methods we would get over 1.4 HP quite easily and probably more!

Enya believe in quoting useful power figures and this engine is no exception.

Specifications 6.47 cc / 40 cu
Bore x Stroke 21.4 x 18.00 mm
Max Power 1.2 HP
Useful R.P.M 2,500 to 16,000
Weight 268g
Propeller 10 x 12, 11 x 8.5, 11 x 9, 12 x 7.5 and similar sizes.
Glow Plug – Enya 3 or 4
Mount Size 38.0 x 15.0 mm
TN Throttle Carb RC Version / Stunt Version features a Venturi
Muffler M351X

If you are an engine fanatic - then this is one for you. The usual Enya quality through out. Sure it's more expensive than most 40 size engines, but it looks more expensive and it performs more expensive! Another winner from the Enya Manufacturing Co.

Please mention 'Flying Sites' when contacting

More pictures of the new Enya 40XZ RC