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Electrolite Lithium Polymer

Electrolite Batteries are now offering a complete range of Lithium Polymer cells from 7.4v to a 22.2v 4200 mAh. All batteries in the range perform with a constant 20 and 30 to 35c burst.

TElectrolite LiPohe range starts with the 7.4v Li-Po with outputs ranging betwenn the 1000mAh, 1800mAh and 2100mAh. Also included are 11.1v, 14.8,18.5v and topping out with the afore mentioned 22.2v battery.

The company and their batteries have already been featured in RC Model World and Quiet and Electric Flight.

All packs include a 2mm air gap between cells and use perforated heat shrink to help keep temperatures under control.

All packs include balance charging connectors and free adapter and are priced at highly competitive rates. This can be, they say, up to 50% less than competitors packs! They go on to say "Not only are you getting a high performance LiPo Battery, but also brilliant after sales support including our 1 year warranty".

Electrolite also offer via their website a wide choice of 'Out' and 'In' runner motors and a full range of Electronic Speed Controllers.

All products can be purchase via the secure online shop using credit cards and PayPal.

Embrace the new generation of lipo batteries ELECTROLITE. Value for money without loosing any of the performance a sleek and efficient design with long lasting high performance arriving in a store near you as the new household name for lipo batteries and R/C accessories visit to purchase your model the ride of it life.

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Electrolite Batteries