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Sokol Speed 400 Racer By Xtremeflight

The Sokol is a 28" span, fully moulded, epoxy/glass/carbon speed 400 model for intermediate/expert pilots. It is pre-coloured in a resilient white finish with red under wings and tailplane. Sokol is "ARTF" with the fuselage, wing and tailplane fully built and ready to assemble. The Sokol is easily completed, and is supplied with a Graupner Speed 400 motor, precision spinner and CAM prop. Comprehensive instructions are included.

Flying Notes
The performance is outstanding with seven Sanyo 500AR cells and will impress everyone who sees it fly. After launch the Sokol will accelerate to incredible velocity. Once the speed has built up you have some very exiting manoeuvres on the agenda, for example enormous carving loops, bunts, horizontal and vertical Cuban eights, square loops, and outstanding slingshot pylon turns. Despite Sokols small size, the advanced wing design provides superb handling. Brushless motors have also been used w
ith success. The Sokol is simply a joy to fly.

Price: Sokol Kit £125.00
Shipping (UK) £7.50 (Shipping material doubles as a substantial carry case)

More Details from Bill Maisey at:
Tel. 07976 688481

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