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RCV Engines Launch the RCV-90SP & A New Web Site

Due to popular demand, the RCV 90-SP is going to be the newest addition to the RCV Engine Series. The RCV 90-SP is now available! Fitting neatly between the 60 and the 120, it combines RCV - 90SPall of the design and technical achievements of the existing engines and will bridge the gap between the two.

Now there is no reason to use any other 4-stroke engine between a 52 and a 120. The RCV90--SP is currently in prototype stage however will have a similar power output to a conventional poppet valve four stroke of the same capacity, and can be used in any sport or scale model that would normally use a four stroke 90. It can however fit most models with airframes ranging from 70 - 80 - 90.

The compact streamlined shape means that fully cowled installations are that much simpler to arrange, and the 2:1 output gearing means that larger more scale like propellers can be used. You can purchase this engine from all good modelling shops or alternatively you can order direct from RCV using their secure on-line catalogue.

Price GBP 199
Price USD $ 319
Starting Adapter 6.99 $ 9.95
Mounting Plate 4.99 $7.95

Specification Imperial Metric Imperial Metric Imperial Metric
Displacement 0.6 cu inch 10 cc 0.9 cu inch 15 cc 1.2 cu inch 20 cc
Weight (exc. silencer) 20.7 oz 570 g 28.6 oz 785 g 36.4 oz 1000g
Length 4.11 inch 104.4 mm 4.72 inch 120 mm 4.92 inch 125 mm
Propeller shaft diameter 5/16 inch UNF
Max Power (approx.) 0.9 bhp 0.67 kw 1.3 bhp 0.97 kw 1.8 bhp 1.34 kw
Practical RPM range @ prop

1,200 - 6000 rpm

Example Prop Size 2 Blade 4x14, 15x12, 16x12 16x14, 17x13, 18x12 17x13, 18x12, 20x12

3 Blade

13.4x13.5, 15.75x13 15.75x13

4 Blade

13x13, 14.5x11 15.5x11 15.5x12
. 10% Nitro / 15% Oil including max 6% Castor

RCV have also recently updated their web site. They are currently seeking your views on the new layout and there is also a chance to win an RCV cap.

For more details of the RCV - 90SP and the rest of the RCV range see their web site.
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