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Latest Indoor Scale Model From RCS Tecknik

The latest arrival at RCS Technik is the DH60 by Falcon kits. This beautifully detailed indoor electric flyer augments the already acclaimed range currently on sale. The DH60,  DH82a and SE5a have all been successfully flown with GWS servos.

DH60 Cirrus Moth   DH60 Cirrus Moth
This is the fourth kit in the Falcon series. Another wonderful micro radio controlled or free flight model.
Kit Contents
CNC milled balsa and ply parts.
Carbon fibre trailing edges.
5 Sheets CAD drawn plans
1 High quality waterslide decal set
Vacuum moulded pilot, windscreens, fuel tank, wheels, cowlings.
Covering foil and rigging.
Comprehensive building and
flying instructions.

DH60 Specification
Scale 6.7% (1/15th)
Wingspan 618 mm
Flying Mass 90gm
3 Channel R/C Rudder elevator and
motor control
Motor & Propeller PU02 Coreless motor or PU01 conventional
motor (Prop included)
Battery pack 6cells PU02,  50 mAh Nicads or 7x NIMH cells
Servos (2) WES Technik LS 2.4 or GWS 5.5g
Speed controller HF 9 or JMP 7
Receiver JMP Rx or Multiplex Pico or GWS Rx 

Dh 60 Cirrus MothOther indoor scale kits from RCS Tecknik include the SE5a, DH82a Tiger Moth and the Airco De Havilland DH2. For more details on these and other kits plus a full range of small electric flight accessories, contact RCS Tecknik on 020 7267 9049 or e-mail
Alternately visit their web site at

Please mention 'Flying Sites' when contacting
RCS Technik.