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New Models For 2001 From Pete Tindal

Pete Tindal ModelsNew for 2001 from Pete Tindal Models are three ARTF aircraft. The Extra 300L, Cap 232 and the Sukhoi 31M.

Three "State of the art" full size unlimited aircraft, from Funkey (FK) replicate three different 'unlimited' models, and are also available in three sizes.

These models are totally complete with exception of glues,fuel tube, engine and radio gear. The build quality has to be seen, as does the quality of the epoxy glass work which includes ready finished cowl and spats. All kits are of a fully built up construction and incredibly light for their size. The .60 Extra 300L weighs only 1985g!

Peter has already test flown the Extra and has reported to us that the flying characteristics are very good. Aerobatics are excellent, in particular the flat spin and inverted flat spin, which require you to close the throttle down to tick over, for the best effect.

There are at present a limited number of .60 sized Extras and CAPs available with the main shipment available in early to mid July.

The models are sized for 40, 60 and 120 sized motors and are priced as follows:
.40 size of each type.................. £125
.60 size of each type.................. £235
1.20 size of each type.................£360

Extra 300LOpposite are pictures of Pete's .60 sized Extra taken only 3 hours after opening the box!! Ready to put the gear in. Should you want a non stock item, please let them know in order to avoid disappointment and they will advise as soon as available. Check out the web site for more details of the complete range of Pete's own designed kits and full range of accessories including large stocks of Pro Film.

For all enquiries you can contact Pete anytime:
Tel: 01708 852899
0956 469639 (mobile)
'Roselea' Fen Lane,
North Ockendon,
RM14 3PR.

Web Site:

Please mention 'Flying Sites' when contacting
Pete Tindal Models.