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New Cells From A New Company!

A new company, Only Cells ( has been set up in the U.K. to provide modellers with hard to get NiCd, NiMH and li-poly cells to the European R/C electric flight community.

Electric flyers throughout Europe have sometimes been forced to get more exotic cells from the USA or Japan, sometimes this has proved to be nearly impossible. batteries are supplied only online, through their web site. This, combined with bulk ordering (5000+ cells per batch direct from the factory), means that Only Cells can secure a very competitive prices for their customers.

There are some exciting new NIMH cells under test at the moment that are not available anywhere else in either the USA or Europe. Only Cells hope to bring these and other products out soon thus expanding their currently rather limited (single) product line.

KAN 950 NiMh High Performance Cell
KAN 950 NiMH Cell from Onlycells.comThe KAN 950 has been developed in China specifically for the R/C and power tool market, but has often been refered to , in the USA as the 'Mystery Cell or 'Wonder Cell'. Characteristics are defined by super low internal resistance and ultra high discharge rate. Physically it is the same size and weight as the famous Sanyo 500AR nicad, however it has over twice the capacity @10amp discharge and is cheaper.

So what does this mean to you? It means that this cell is a drop in replacement for all your tired 500AR/800AR packs. Without any weight penalty flight times will double and average power throughout the flight increase. This is the first time a NIMH cell has matched the performance of the 500AR high discharge Sanyo NICAD in the same package.

Capacity 950mAh
Dimensions 17mm x 29mm
Weight 21g
Voltage 1.2v
Internal Resistance 7mOhm
Max. Current 15A +
Price £1.75 each

Please mention 'Flying Sites' when contacting