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Two New Enthusiasts Videos

La Ferte Alais 2001AVF Video Cover
Two new videos for the model aviation enthusiast. Both are of well known events. The first is from the Irish company AVF Video and gives us over 100 minutes of this year's La Ferte Alais. If you weren't able to go to the show then the DVF team will bring the show to you! Nearly every aircraft that flew and some that didn't are featured on this extensive video.

A full review of La Ferte Alais can be found elsewhre on our site. Contact details can also be found with the review.

The second unmissable event was this year's National Championships held in glorious weather (except Saturday aftenoon) at Barkston Heath in Lincolnshire. Here is how the BMFA are describing the video.

Terrific! Wonderful! Fantastic! These are just a few of the accolades given by those that have seen the video of this year's National Championships. This is no ordinary video about model flying but about the whole scenario and whilst it shows all types of models in action, it is really about the people who are there and what goes on behind the scenes.

A series of visual "bites" make you wonder what you are going to see next as every aspect of the Nationals is packed into this 35 minute film. The whole approach is quite unique and is compiled with a personal touch and a sense of humour that exudes the spirit and family atmosphere of the greatest model flying event in Europe. It has got be worth watching just to see Mike Goldby, the Development Officer, doing the introduction with what appears to be a severe case of indigestion!

The video of the Nationals 2000, "The Air Show Big and Small" is also still available.

The videos cost £11.00 each which includes P&P. To obtain yours send a cheque to:

Mr Mansell Beard
The Farm Flat
Willoughby Heath
Nr Grantham
Lincs, NG32 3PZ
Tel: 01400 230148

Please mention 'Flying Sites' when contacting
AVF & Mansell Beard.