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Swift Move From Mellor Aviation

The latest of three new gliders releases from Mellor Aviation is the 'Swift' The Swift is an all round general purpose 48" span slope soarer. Mellor Aviation 'Swift'The swept planform flying wing has inherently low drag characteristics ensuring that the model will fly in a wide range of conditions.

Control is by elevons driven by mini servos located in the mid section of each obechi veneered wing. The Swift is a 2 function model using either transmitter mixing or an on board mechanical mixer.

Mellor Aviation say that the Swift has a fast natural flying speed but can be slowed down without developing any problems. In fact they say, that by slowing the Swift to a point where full up elevon is deployed the model adopts a 'pecking' motion! The stall is described as 'soft' but the model can also perform a full repertoire of aerobatics.

The second recent release is the 'Merlin'. This 61" flat bottom polyhedral thermal soarer requires a Speed 400 direct drive Mellor Aviation 'Merlin'electric motor to get it airborne.

The Merlin comes with a vacuum moulded high impact polystyrene fuselage pod with an aluminium tailboom. The construction of the wings feature a foam veneer 'D' box leading edge and built-in spars for stiffness and lightness. The Merlin requires 3 channels for rudder, elevator and throttle.

The prototype has managed an 11 minute flight in zero lift condition. This from a Speed 400 motor running on 500 Mah x 8.4 volt batteries and a 6x3 folding prop. Flights, they say, of 30 minutes have been achieved in thermic conditions, where the Merlin really exceeds.

The third offering from the Mellor Aviation stable is the 'Kestrel'. Mellor Aviation 'Kestrel'The Kestrel has a specification similar to that of the Merlin. However this time the model sports a 'V' Tail.

Again requiring by a Speed 400 electric motor driving a 6x3 prop, Mellor Aviation claim that the Kestrel can achieve flights of over 30 minutes.

The price of the Swift is £35.00p while the Merlin will cost you £57.50. The Kestrel comes in at £56.00p. Postage and packing is an extra £4 per kit.

For more details and information on the complete range of Mellor Aviation gliders contact them at:
13, Nicholas Drive, Ratby Leicestershire, LE 6 0NJ.

Please mention 'Flying Sites' when contacting
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