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Mellor Aviation's Alto 60E

The latest release from Mellor Aviation is their Alto 60E. The model is an electric power version of their Alto 60V pylon racer.Mellor Aviation's Alto 60E

However, the Alto 60E is much lighter, utilising mini servos in the wings, for aileron control and a single mini servo in the fuselage for elevator.

Construction features foam core wings with 1/16th balsa skins, with servo wells ready formed for mini servo mounting. The fuselage pod is vacuum formed from high impact polystyrene with all the internal formers, including servo mount, in the same material. The tail boom is 11mm aluminium tube with all tail blade mounting holes drilled and snake exits formed.

The kit comes complete with all materials needed for construction except epoxy and or white glues, covering/finishing materials. A tube of polystyrene cement is included for fuselage construction, as is all the hardware, clevis's etc.

You will however require a Speed 400 electric motor, driving a 6" x 3" folding propeller, powered by a 7 cell 8.4v battery. Requires 3 channel radio and a motor controller with BEC facility to give the best performance. But a simple switch will suffice, a brake facility to help the propeller fold would be an advantage though.

Tony Mellor tells us that the prototype has proved to have good thermalling ability as well as aerobatic performance. During the recent Foot & Mouth restrictions Tony has flown the Alto 60E from his local recreation field.

Price: £56.00 + £4.00pp

For more details and information on the complete range of Mellor Aviation gliders contact them at:
13, Nicholas Drive, Ratby Leicestershire, LE 6 0NJ.

Please mention 'Flying Sites' when contacting
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