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New Futaba FF9 Radio From Ripmax

Ripmax have recently announce the latest edition to Futaba's range of Field Force radios. Futaba's dominance of the computer system market is once again emphasised with the release of the new generation FF9.Futaba FF9 The Futaba FF9 offers such ease of selection or simplicity of programming, and yet with the software functionality to match all but the mighty 9Z.

A new rotary 'Jog Dial' programme selector, offers an easy way to programme the transmitter. Selection is a twist away - press to select and twist again to select and adjust. The FF9 is claimed to be so simple to programme that the manual is almost superfluous, being the perfect system for those baffled by previous computer systems.

The FF9 features Aero, Glider and Heli functions, 7 programmable mixes, function assignable switches (including two rotary side sliders), servo screen display and Futaba's CAMPac facility* for unlimited model memory.

Try the FF9 experience at your local Ripmax dealer
- we are sure that you won't be disappointed.

General System:  

• 9 channels
• PPM/PCM 1024
• Aero, Glider, Heli
• Custom 128 x 64 display
• LCD contrast Manual & Auto
• RF warning LEDS
• Rotary 'Jog Dial' programme selection

• Digital trims with memory
• 8 Model memory
• CAMPac memory facility
• Stick mode selection
• Selectable trainer facility
• Servo monitor display
• Servo test function
General Functions:  
• Aux. Ch. 5~8 switch selection
• 8 Character model name
• 2 circuit stop watch Up/Down
• Reverse 1~9 Ch.

• Failsafe 1~8 Ch.
• EPA (ATV) 1~8 Ch.
• ATL trim with On/Off
Aero Functions:  
• D/R-EXP Ail, Elv, Rudd 2/3 rate
• Switch or stick selectable
• 7-Circuit programmable mixing
• (5-linear, 2-5 Point)
• Throttle channel exponential
• Elevator ~ Flap mix
• Aileron ~ Rudder mix (setting in P-mix)
• Air Brake manual/linear mode
• Snap roll with direction switch selectable
and Safety mode
• Flaperon with differential rate
• Flap-Trim rate
• Elevon, V-tail
• Idle down, Fuel Mixture w/acceleration
• Throttle cut
• 2nd Aileron channel select.
Glider Additional Functions:  
• Butterfly
• Aileron ~ Rudder mix (set in P-mix)
• Aileron ~ Flap mix
• Elevator ~ Flap mix
• Flap ~ Elevator mix (set in P-mix)
• Flap ~ Aileron mix (w/offset)

• Offset (Trim) 2-Circuit (Ail/Elv/Flap)
• Flaperon w/Diff rate and Ail ~ Diff mix
• Flap trim rate
• Elevon, V-Tail
• Speed Flap (G2F mode)
Heli Functions:  
• Programmable Mix 3-Circuit
• (Linear x 2, 5-Point x 1)
• Revolution Mix 3-Circuit (5-Point)
(Norm/Idle 1, 2/Idle 3)
• Throttle Curve 4-Circuit
(Norm, Idle 1, Idle 2, Idle 3)
• Throttle Hold w/Rudder Offset
(Norm/Idle 1, 2/Idle 3)
• Pitch Curve 5-Circuit
(Norm, Idle 1, Idle 2, Idle 3, Hold)
• Hovering Pitch - VR selectable
• Hovering Throttle - VR selectable
• Offset Mixing (Ail, Elv, Rud x3) w/delay
• Gyro Mixing 2/3/5-Rate
(Sw/Cond. Sw sel)
• Swash Mode (H-1, H-2, HR3, HN3, H-4)
• Governor Mix 2/3/4 Rate (SW sel)
(TH-Hold, Off, Out)
• Fuel Mix 3-Circuit (w/Acceleration)
(Norm/Idle 1, 2/Idle 3)

NOTE: CAMPAC data cartridges are optional - not supplied with system
*Requires optional CAMPac memory modules

P-FP9CF FF9 9ch 4xS3001, R138DF, FM35 (Ncd) £509.99
P-FP9CP FF9 9ch 4xS3001, R149DP, FM35 (Ncd) £549.99

P-DP-16K CAMpac 16K £44.99
P-DP-64K CAMpac 64K £49.99

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